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Believed to be the original ancestral grass, it has remained genetically unaltered for thousands of years and, combined with its small number of chromosomes and very little repetitive DNA, provides the ideal subject for scientific study.
Garner adds that VBI is concentrating on "the often under-appreciated and difficult computational area of repetitive DNA or microsatellite analysis.
Finally we are proposing to develop a technique that allows high-resolution mapping of proteins on repetitive DNA to help further characterizing known and novel centromere components.
Jude Children's Research Hospital - Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome Project takes new approach to measuring the repetitive DNA at the end of chromosomes and opens new window on mechanisms fueling cancer
Geneticists and biologists from Europe, the US, and Brazil describe the repetitive content of eukaryotic genomes and the impact on genome structure, function, and evolution; the birth-and-death model as the mechanism guiding long-term evolution of multigene families; centromeres; telomere metabolism and its dynamics, with an emphasis on human biology; Drosophilia telomeres; satellite-DNA mediated effects on genome regulation; the evolutionary dynamics of transposable elements in eukaryotic genomes; short interspersed elements (SINEs) in genome evolution; unstable microsatellite repeats in the rapid evolution of coding and regulatory sequences; and chromosomal distribution and evolution of repetitive DNA in fish.
The researchers then divided people with CNVs into two groups - those with CNVs occurring in regions of the genome with highly repetitive DNA sequences, and those with CNVs occurring in non - repetitive DNA sequences.
5 [Micro]m in aerodynamic diameter)], black carbon, and sulfates would be associated with hypomethylation of repetitive DNA elements and that this association would be modified by genes involved in glutathione metabolism and other host characteristics.
The multidisciplinary team, which includes researchers from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, has created a design for a new DNA microarray that allows them to measure the two million microsatellites (short, repetitive DNA sequences) found within the human genome using 300,000 probes.
The team's research indicates that there is significant genetic instability in regions near the telomere, the repetitive DNA sequences that protect the ends of chromosomes from damage.
That's an unusually high volume of repetitive DNA, making the decoding effort challenging, says Richard K.
Other topics include hybrid nanorods made from sequences of natural trimeric fibrous proteins using the fibritin trimerization motif, the Leucine zipper as a building block for self assembled protein fibers, biomimetic synthesis of biomorphic nanostructures, synthesis and primary characterization of self assembled peptide-based hydrogels,and the assembly of nanospecies on repetitive DNA sequences generated on gold nanoparticles by rolling circle amplification.
Telomeres are repetitive DNA sequences at the ends of chromosomes that shorten with aging, cell division, and inflammation.
Use of repetitive DNA sequences and the PCR to differentiate Escherichia coli isolates from human and animal sources.
Instability of repetitive DNA sequences: the role of replication in multiple mechanisms.
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