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Synonyms for Renascence

Synonyms for Renascence

the period of European history at the close of the Middle Ages and the rise of the modern world

the revival of learning and culture

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The Renascence service will enable our clients to concentrate their efforts and investments on their core competencies, while they give the management of their distributed IT resources to the experts," he explained.
Following the lead of Mann and Proust and Joyce, the leaders of the Southern Renascence sought to replace the lost divine Story with what Simpson calls "an aesthetic of memory.
Renascence and EDS are registered trade marks of Electronic Data Systems Corporation.
Consider, for instance, Robert Heilman's articulation of this canon in "The Southern Temper," his essay that opens Louis Rubin and Robert Jacobs's seminal Southern Renascence (1953).
Both books argue for the continued strength and viability of Southern literature as a discipline, viewing the diverse assembly of writers treated in each book on their own terms rather than as the heirs of the Renascence.
It is once more with particular pleasure that we at Renascence present this special issue; showcasing the fifth Joseph M.
We can now readily identify the Agrarians as conscious ideologues, but we have seemed less able, until recently, to plumb the cultural moments that have given us the central texts of the study of Southern literature, books such as Louis Rubin's and Robert Jacobs's Southern Renascence (1953) and their 1961 volume, South: Modern Southern Literature in Its Cultural Setting.
It has been a privilege and an honor to edit Renascence.
Given her overall thesis, this question seems inevitable, and she gives it serious and thorough treatment, beginning with a consideration of recent charges of chauvinism on the basis of Rubin's scholarly enshrinement of the Southern Renascence as almost exclusively white and male.
This will be the fourth award honoring the former editor and senior editor of Renascence Dr.
As a Southern novel, it stands at the end of the great Renascence of the 1930s, and although Huie does not belong to that movement in any way, his novel echoes loudly one of its major preoccupations: what do Southerners do now that they have been dispossessed of the garden?
This special issue of Renascence, where McLuhan contributed 36 articles/reviews as well as speeches at the journal's Spring Symposium between 1949 and 1963, sat on the magazine's editorial board, and spoke to a Catholic audience, was conceived to help a new generation of McLuhan students and scholars rediscover the true McLuhan and his importance for all who strive to integrate their Christian beliefs with their daily life in a technology-saturated world.
McLuhan's profession was English literature, and he contributed 36 articles and reviews to Renascence between 1949 and 1963, gave speeches at the journal's Spring Symposium, and served on its editorial board from 1954 to 1962.
and Robert Jacobs put Johns Hopkins and "modern" Southern writing on the academic map with Southern Renascence (1953).
RENASCENCE in 2011 remains one of the last vestiges of what was once popularly known as the Catholic Literary Revival, a movement designed to bring Catholic/Christian values to bear upon modern thought, letters, and culture.