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Synonyms for Renascence

Synonyms for Renascence

the period of European history at the close of the Middle Ages and the rise of the modern world

the revival of learning and culture

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and Marquette University professor of English and British literature since 1945, was representative of a number of lay Catholic teachers of literature holding advanced degrees from top American and European universities who clustered around Renascence and the Catholic Renascence Society during the late 1940s and 1950s.
Since McLuhan saw that "recovery of analogical perception" was essential to the renascence of the Church, and since such recovery presupposed insight into the complications of time, he observed to Ong: "The Church has more at stake than anybody.
Slethaug, "Seymour: A Clarification," Renascence 23 (1971) 115-28, p.
Currently, we see a renascence of research on transition-metal diborides.
It was founded for the purpose of renascence of strong spiritual potential and national traditions of Uzbekistan consolidation of intellectual resources of well-known representatives of science and culture supporting young talents, creative dynasties of the country, as well as delivering the complete information about unique and rich national historical heritage and diversity of modern culture and arts of Uzbekistan.
A backward glance; the Southern renascence, the autobiographical epic, and the classical legacy.
A renascence in investor's demand for stocks, possibly triggered by better-than-expected earnings reports for many US companies, has led to sharp rallies in commodities and higher yielding currencies.
2-4); and Spenser in Amoretti maps the lover's progress from unrequited to mutual love onto the tempestuous journey of a ship to port (34,56,59,63; see Renascence Editions).
Even so, it's the work of an essentially English composer whose renascence is long overdue.
Marie-Clare Marroum Co Kashmir & Argeelah restaurant owner commented: "We celebrate the anniversary of these occasions dear to our hearts; the Great Arab Revolt which was a real Arab renascence in the twentieth century that aimed at achieving Arab unity and freedom, was the driving force for our independence.
The occult and Romantic elements help constitute that pervasive aspect of the book that Watts-Dunton called 'the Renascence of Wonder', basically a reaction to the growing materialism of the later nineteenth century and a revival of belief in the redemptive powers of nature and the imagination.
Next, a sonnet from the first collection, Renascence and Other Poems (1917):
Worst of all, it has severely damaged the family, which Russell Kirk, one of the key figures in the renascence of 20th-century American conservatism, taught was "the institution most essential to conserve.
With a shiver of impatience [the traveller] shakes off contemporary standards, and makes ready to evoke those of Greece, the Renascence, and the Moguls.