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Synonyms for capsule

Synonyms for capsule

a small container

Related Words

a pill in the form of a small rounded gelatinous container with medicine inside

a dry dehiscent seed vessel or the spore-containing structure of e

a shortened version of a written work

a spacecraft designed to transport people and support human life in outer space

a pilot's seat in an airplane that can be forcibly ejected in the case of an emergency

enclose in a capsule

put in a short or concise form

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The RCC extended into but not entirely through the renal capsule.
This may be partly due to the relatively difficult pathological evaluation, as a tumor >7 cm would probably have a direct contact with a larger area of the renal capsule increasing the probability of missing small areas of infiltration.
In the left kidney, a mass measuring 15 x 5 x 2 cm replaced almost all normal parenchyma and penetrated the renal capsule.
5) First reported by Berry in 1919, these tumours are thought to originate from the renal capsule or the smooth muscle fibres in the renal pelvis or from the renal vessels.
The well-encapsulated and sharply demarcated tumor extended from the hilum to the renal capsule, but did not breech the capsule.
In the specimen taken after the left radical nephrectomy, the tumour mass with yellow-brown surface was 60 x 50 x 55 mm in size, located centrally, surrounded by the renal capsule, and showed foci of hemorrhage and necrosis.
A tumor mass within the kidney extended from the medulla to the cortex and macroscopically penetrated the renal capsule, extending into the surrounding fat (Figure 1).
The tumour was restricted in the renal capsule without invasion to the fat tissue outside the renal capsule and peripelvic fatty renal tissue.
Tumor invaded both the renal capsule and perinephric fat.
Solitary fibrous tumor involving the renal capsule.
If present, renal capsule or perirenal extension was identified.