renal calculus

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a calculus formed in the kidney

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A computed tomography (CT) scan (also known as the computed axial tomography (CAT) scan) without contrast in patients with suspected renal calculi.
This patient had been diagnosed with gout five years prior to his presentation, and despite having developed complications such as renal calculi and multiple joint pains, he defaulted on his treatment and follow-up.
This may involve renal calculi due to mineral imbalance, high blood pressure due to fluid imbalance or more serious conditions.
The case being reported had SCC of renal pelvis presenting as hydronephrosis and chronic pyelonephritis in the absence of renal calculi and other predisposing factors.
Patients with a history of renal calculi may be at increased risk of urolithiasis.
9 How is the medical condition renal calculi better known?
DECT assesses chemical composition and provides specific color-coded displays to differentiate between uric acid (which shows up as red), calcium (blue), and other renal calculi, previous investigators have shown.
Around 8% of patients will develop renal calculi after SCI, and there is a high incidence of renal deterioration in these patients.
Riboflavin may be the preferred agent, as methylene blue produces blue urine and ascorbic acid can cause sodium oxalate renal calculi.
A INCREASING the flow of urine can help flush renal calculi out if they are sufficiently small, in conjunction with an appropriate diet.
As a further potential complication, without weight-bearing exercise, calcium tends to "leak" out of the long bones into the bloodstream and is filtered by the kidneys, which could lead to weakened bones and renal calculi (kidney stones).
Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) is most popular treatment type for renal calculi
Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) is an accepted and widely used approach to extract large renal calculi.
An abdominal radiograph showed possible renal calculi (Fig.