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(Roman mythology) the twin brother of Romulus

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Remus has been an officer of the bank since august 2009, and served in a number of positions of the bank since that time.
Having Remus around has meant that Zoe, 30, from Fairlie in Ayrshire, can be much more independent, knowing that her dog can support her and has been trained to get help in an emergency.
David Matloch, left, and his brothers Remus and Janko, right
The Remus Tucker Band signed with Graystone Records in 2012 and began their campaign of radio dominance.
sees here an allusion to the military squadron founded by Celer, who in part of the tradition was the murderer of Remus, and was rewarded for that by Romulus with the institution of the celeres (qui dicitur Remum occidisse, in cuius gratiae vicem a Romulo fieri tribunus equitum meruit) (6).
And his runners are not short on quality either with Remus De La Tour becoming the stallion's first Group winner when successful in the Prix du Lys at Chantilly last month and Barbayam taking last week's Prix Amandine at Maisons-Laffitte by three lengths.
Remus said his service is "strategically positioned" to provide the highest level of care in a multi-disciplinary system.
Remus Rata, 19, was before Huddersfield magistrates yesterday.
Knowledgeably compiled and deftly edited by Timothy Remus, "Airbrush Bible" features fourteen expert artists with each individual artist walking the reader through an illustrated step-by-step process for producing diverse examples of airbrush projects and techniques.
Washington, March 27 (ANI): New hope has emerged for the retrieval of the wreckage of Air France Flight 447, with a survey employing the use of three Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) called REMUS 6000 to find the debris.
a-ins 4, Hod 5, I-deal 6, Slopped 7, Alas 8, Causes 12, R-emit 13, Touch 14, Nu-de-s 15, L-U-nik 16, S-Eve-N 18, Remus 19, CIV-ill-y 21, Racket 22, Spring 23, Tin-gle 25, P-ease 26, Gran 28, MA-E EASY ACROSS: 1, Macaw 6, Cents 9, Galahad 10, Spurn 11, Refer 12, Scorn 13, Cadence 15, Row 17, Ores 18, Attire 19, Spars 20, Refute 22, Chad 24, Ant 25, Impetus 26, Drama 27, Rabat 28, Minus 29, Reveres 30, Feted 31, Tenth DOWN: 2, Appear 3, Agrees 4, Wan 5, Lance 6, Carrots 7, Eden 8, Tremor 12, Scope 13, Cobra 14, Delft 15, Right 16, Weeds 18, Aroma 19, Started 21, Engage 22, Cerise 23, August 25, Impel 26, Dare 28, Met
Unfortunately, Skulduggery is no longer persona grata in the Sanctuary, since accusing the Grand Mage of treason, and the second rate detective, Remus Crux, is officially on the case.
Although Remus introduces an innovative approach it does not provide a specific algorithm for implementing DT systems.