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a hard disk that can be removed from the disk drive

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Combining Squadra's Secure Removable Media Manager into our secure drive product offering simply extends that security.
Pointsec advises companies to implement strict guidelines on the use of removable media devices in the workplace and invest in encryption software that will enable administrators to force the encryption of all data put onto a wireless device.
Removable media devices are now used in 84% of companies, with a third of employees utilising them in the office.
If companies are to prevent breaking new legislation such as Sarbanes Oxley, Basel 2, The Data Protection Act, as well as not falling victim to the havoc these tiny portable devices can cause, companies need to rapidly get to grips with the risks associated with removable media and protect themselves against these risks.
Pointsec Media Encryption secures the removable media and ensures that companies can uphold their IT security policies and storage devices can be used to boost productivity, according to Pointsec.
Credant's solution delivers patented real-time data-centric disk encryption to more than ten million devices worldwide while addressing today's biggest enterprise security issue, managing the security of sensitive data, whether it is located on laptops, smartphones, removable media or private or public cloud infrastructures.
Preventing unauthorized usage of removable media and portable devices is essential in order to manage a secure IT environment," said Joseph Kelly, senior vice president and chief technology officer of ABN AMRO Global Futures.
Deploy user mobile guidelines or ensure that your corporate IT security policy includes corporate directives that states the importance of proper handling of mobile devices such as removable media.
A mix of disk-based compliant storage along with removable media for long-term archives is the best solution from both a performance and a cost management perspective.
3 is the First FDE solution with Wired and Wireless Pre-Boot Network Authentication, SecureDoc OSA and Removable Media Container Encryption
In fact, a June 2003 Byte and Switch poll stated that "as for the longevity of tape, most respondents believe it will remain a part of the overall data protection universe, with 40% agreeing that there will always be a need for removable media and 36% saying it will persist for long-term archiving.
OpenVault Source Code Enables Removable Media Sharing on Mixed SANs
NYSE:MFE) today challenged companies to re-think their approach to removable media devices.
With its low cost and removable media characteristics, tape remains the ultimate destination for files that need to be duplicated, stored and available for restores.
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