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an organism or species surviving as a remnant of an otherwise extinct flora or fauna in an environment much changed from that in which it originated

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geological feature that is a remnant of a pre-existing formation after other parts have disappeared

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The sustainable harvest of its spear leaves, the economic importance of handicraft production based on them, and the cultural significance of palm weaving, dating back to the Ette Ennaca or Chimila aboriginal people (Andrade, 2004), all combine to make this plant a key species for conservation of forest relicts.
Anthropogenic deforestation of many regions in lower altitudes in Epiatlantic (Horacek & Lozek 1988) might have further facilitated isolation of suitable habitat patches of many glacial relicts, including the Alpine shrew.
Various research groups eventually found the tiny, overlooked remnants of mitochondria themselves inside the fake relicts.
Rediscovery of a relict southern population of lake chub, Couesius plumbeus, in Colorado.
The central government has no ministry of culture and no obligation to provide permanent funding for the institutions that are the custodians of the country's national heritage, including precious medieval manuscripts, religious relicts, and natural history artifacts.
Here we report the in-situ detrital zircon U-Pb and Hf isotopic analysis of sandstone rock from a sedimentary relict (including the siliceous rock, argillite, silty sandstone and coarse sandstone, from below), paraconformably covering the ophiolite relicts in the Renbu melange belt, Dejilin town, Renbu County.
George Cody from Carnegie Institution for Science and his team discovered relicts of protein-chitin complex in fossils of arthropods from the Paleozoic era.
At a 1911 Winnipeg auction, thirteen of Pablo's untameable bison--billed as the last "wild" relicts of the 50-60 million monarchs of the prairies--were sold for robes and head mounts (Manitoba Free Press, 27 November 1911).
Today, these biodiversity hotspots are mere relicts.
Body weight and femur length were measured on adult females prior to initiating the adult experiment, with the number of follicular relicts (eggs laid) and the proportion of functional ovarian follicles measured on females at the end of the experiment.
These and other canal relicts, including old locks and bridges, are part of the allure of a visit to the Canalway Corridor.
We are now living in the 21st century, not the 14th, and it is high time for the demolition of Spon Street, the old cathedral, St Mary's Hall, the Old Grammar School, Ford's Hospital and other relicts of a bygone age that have no relevance to a modern Coventry.
Yet in fact all sorts of people evaluate with their gaze what we have erected and come to their own conclusions about the relationship between relics and relicts.
The Cerro La Culebra cone rests on relicts of two older Hawaiian to Strombolian cones, which crop out on the southern foothill of the Cerro La Culebra.