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an organism or species surviving as a remnant of an otherwise extinct flora or fauna in an environment much changed from that in which it originated

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geological feature that is a remnant of a pre-existing formation after other parts have disappeared

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Various research groups eventually found the tiny, overlooked remnants of mitochondria themselves inside the fake relicts.
This represents a disjunct distribution between eastern Asia and eastern North America, which is paralleled by other rove beetle and diving beetle genera, such as Brathinus LeConte (Staphylinidae) (Peck 1975) and the Platambus optatus species group (Dytiscidae) (Nilsson 1997), these distributional patterns are other examples of relicts of Northern Hemisphere temperate forests during the Tertiary (Wu 1983).
All populations of Chrosomus in Colorado are considered relicts and historically occurred only in the transition zone of the Front Range Mountains, a longitudinally narrow north-to-south region that supports streams intermediate in character between cold, clear, high-elevation streams in high-gradient mountainous areas and those in low-elevation, low-gradient, turbid, and warmer plains (Fausch and Bestgen, 1997).
Character progression (forerunner relicts you find make Master Chief stronger or will give him more ablities), not really loot, but you will have to acquire weapons first before you can use them in more missions.
Relicts of a dancing mania: the dancing procession of Echternach.
The Ambassador had invited several reputed political analysts and distinguished diplomats that are well versant in the subject, who were able to further illustrate the Members of Parliament on what is considered one of relicts of colonialism.
The central government has no ministry of culture and no obligation to provide permanent funding for the institutions that are the custodians of the country's national heritage, including precious medieval manuscripts, religious relicts, and natural history artifacts.
It had been assumed that the small isolated populations of the ringed crayfish in northern Kansas, northeastern Colorado, and southwest Nebraska were relicts of a much larger distribution.
In short, scholars argued convincingly that the identities of the members of the Hellenic community were essentially changing, negotiable and relatively late constructs rather than relicts of a tribal past.
George Cody from Carnegie Institution for Science and his team discovered relicts of protein-chitin complex in fossils of arthropods from the Paleozoic era.
Of course, relicts of the medieval past can use these things too, and Dracula has memorised the English train timetable, but the point is that these relicts use the instruments of the modern future rather badly and end up being thwarted by them and having to retreat into their medieval bunkers once professional late-Victorian men catch on to what is really happening.
Today, these biodiversity hotspots are mere relicts.
We are now living in the 21st century, not the 14th, and it is high time for the demolition of Spon Street, the old cathedral, St Mary's Hall, the Old Grammar School, Ford's Hospital and other relicts of a bygone age that have no relevance to a modern Coventry.
The vegetation zones are well described with a summary of characteristic species, including such enticing Afromontane relicts as Angola Cave-Chat (Xenocopsychus lyalli) and Swierstra's Francolin (Francolinius swierstrai).