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counseling on marital problems and disagreements

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a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (#IMT1451), specializing in relationship counseling using various therapy techniques, including Solution Focused Brief Therapy.
The UK's biggest relationship counseling firm Relate discovered the surprising trend after interviewing male clients.
The optional prison program, according to the IBLP Web site, includes conflict management, relationship counseling, financial management, mentoring, scripture memorization and Bible study, and worship.
Intertwining these artists' personal and professional lives, Long weaves a story that is by turns biography, relationship counseling, gushing veneration and theatrical critique, all set against the background of the changes in musical theatre from 1940 through the present.
She reads selmprovement books and drags him to relationship counseling.
The least frequently occurring professional activities per day were employment/vocational activities, relationship counseling, housing, and training.
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