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Synonyms for ignition

the process of initiating combustion or catching fire

the act of setting something on fire

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The crews remained on-site until after 3am, with one team staying overnight to guard against any reignition.
This includes extinction behaviour (how easy it is to blow out the flame), flame speed and stability; type and quantity of emissions; fuel droplet evaporation; and reignition at low temperatures.
aesthetic that lay in desuetude awaiting reignition.
Decades of centrally organized jihad tanzim terrorism failed to accomplish what independent jihad fardiyah terrorism seems able to achieve: the reignition of ethno-religious communal conflict throughout Indonesia.
Hanson said that although he is optimistic that Xanadu's reignition will "complement the operations of the Izod Center," the state is still looking for a private-sector partner to operate the venue.
I had the feeling we might be getting close to the freeway again, and with it, I hoped, the reignition of a more positive mind-frame, but then, sadly, the road dead-ended at a cow pasture and the headlights banged into a reflective placard telling us the street would one day be extended with new development.
Once the fire is out, vent and clear the compartment of smoke, and watch for reignition.
lt;p>"If we weren't in the aftermath of a financial and credit crisis, I would say that this reignition approach was almost a certainty.
Althaea also recognizes that love's pain always seems to have an antecedent; it is a reignition of a pre-existing pain: "fire where the old fire went out" and a mere replacement of wind with "deadlier air.
In 2008 co-owners Seddon Cripps, Charles and Megan Wallis and Olga Teran purchased the boat and renamed it ReIgnition.
English provides a fair-minded and highly condensed history of the conflict in Northern Ireland from its reignition in the late 1960s to the present post-peace-process era.
A crew remained at the scene until yesterday to ensure there were no reignition issues.
It is also noticeable in transient fault that after single pole CB is opened, the high frequency noise due to the reignition of fault arcing occurs at approximately every half cycle.
Unless Europe wants to be party to laying the groundwork for a reignition of the Cold War it should veto this and concentrate on expanding the Eurosphere.