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Scottish philosopher of common sense who opposed the ideas of David Hume (1710-1796)


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It's possible Harry Reid is the most liberal politician one could hope for to hold statewide office out of Nevada.
Reid, a computer scientist living in the high-tech confines of Silicon Valley, runs the Web site from servers in his garage.
For the next two and a half years I covered telecommunications for them but wasn't really happy," Reid said.
Having emigrated from Jamaica to New York in 1986, Reid enlisted in the Army as an infantryman and completed tours of duty in Hawaii and Korea.
Amidst ruminations on Euclid's Elements, Reid states to William Ogilvie that "I am ashamed to tell you how much time I consumed long ago upon this axiom, in order to find Mathematical Evidence for what common sense does not permit any man to doubt" (p.
Was Reid being truer to the art when he was simply replicating the work of his forefathers, or when he took from their work and adapted it to meet his own standards of style and form?
Mrs Picking told fellow MPs she was shocked and appalled at being treated so badly by Dr Reid.
Under a demanding schedule, Thelen Reid needed office space befitting a dynamic and busy law firm that would also enable, us to grow with our clients for many years to come," said Jonathan D.
In court documents, Boston prosecutors said Reid (below) remains a 'committed and dedicated international terrorist.
The business of PSC has been absorbed into Reid Graphics, and all equipment has been moved to Andover.
Reid and his coworkers added common bacteria to silicone lenses, some of which had been coated with a molecule-thick layer of a selenium-containing compound.
In 1996, Reid placed Barnes on the executive board of the then newly created California Endowment, a nonprofit organization that funds healthcare efforts in California.
Donald Reid has written a delightful and profound book about a world unseen but always present and full of peril in the minds of surface people and about the sewermen themselves, men working on the margins of Parisian life whose very circumstances rendered them strength and dignity.
We see a huge opportunity to set a new direction in Washington by countering the architect of ObamaCare, the $787 billion "stimulus" bailout and reckless increases in America's debt - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid," said Mike Duncan, Chairman of American Crossroads.
ARIZONA Reid will not be playing for San Miguel Beer against Alaska tonight, but could be back later in the PBA Governors' Cup for the Beermen, according to the former Best Import'a agent.