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According to the company, the B&W reheater reportedly features redesigned wall attachments that will facilitate simpler and faster installation.
Besides, reheater model features strong nonlinearity, as the flows through exchangers HE1 and HE2 vary in a wide range from zero to maximum.
Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward Looking Statements B&W cautions that this release contains forward-looking statements, including statements relating to the delivery schedule for the first reheater.
com/research/a463a0/nuclear_moisture_s) has announced the addition of GlobalData's new report "Nuclear Moisture Separator Reheaters Market - Global Market Size, Pricing Analysis, Regional Analysis and Competitive Landscape to 2020" to their offering.
40084287 for Retrofitting of Super Heater & Reheater in one boilers of Stage-II at NTPC- Kaniha.
Steam flow to the steam block is for the input, turbine power for the output in order to identify the values of the power part of the turbine high pressure cylinder KA, steam box of control valves and time constants of the intermediate-pressure steam reheater [T.
These particles accumulate in the superheater and reheater tubes.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Spares For Superheater And Reheater Spray Station Valves Sipat St-Ii
In the PF process inorganic matter yields several chemically active compounds leading to both fouling and accelerated high-temperature corrosion of superheater and reheater tubes.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Spares For Superheater And Reheater Spray Station Valvessipat St-Ii
Adjustable flue-gas bypasses were installed around the reheater and economizer to operate during startup and to fine-tune reheated steam and secondary-air temperatures.
Applications include boiler parts such as tubes, water walls, super heater or reheater sections, economizers and transition zones, as well as other applications.
After ~4,000 hours in operation, the CFBC boiler was inspected to get an overview about conditions on convective heat transfer surfaces--about their ash fouling and corrosion under fly ash deposits, as well about the efficiency of cleaning the reheater and superheater.
Larger industrial applications include the steam condenser, flue gas reheater, and air preheater.