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Synonyms for regulation

Synonyms for regulation

a principle governing affairs within or among political units

a code or set of codes governing action or procedure, for example

Synonyms for regulation

an authoritative rule

the state of being controlled or governed

(embryology) the ability of an early embryo to continue normal development after its structure has been somehow damaged or altered

the act of bringing to uniformity

the act of controlling or directing according to rule

prescribed by or according to regulation

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Treasury and the Service had issued proposed regulations (REG-128767-04, 8/12/04) under Sec.
Both Section 987 and the 1991 proposed regulations require the taxable income or loss of a Section 987 QBU be computed in its functional currency and then translated at the average exchange rate (generally, an average of the daily exchange rates) into the functional currency of its owner.
His letter to colleagues may ring eerily familiar to those who attend today's quarterly meetings of the NMC, stating that the "increase in the number of state departments, each established under different laws and adopting different forms, rules, and regulations, has naturally tended rapidly to increase the labors and consequent expenses of insurance companies.
Each is governed by a different set of regulations tailored to meet regional needs.
As noted, the Framework would form the basis upon which the Agencies develop proposed revisions to their existing risk-based capital adequacy regulations.
The final regulations provide the procedures and requirements for making the election; rules regarding the tax treatment of the trust and estate while the election is in effect; and rules regarding termination of the election.
The taxpayer's main argument was that the self-rent rule in Treasury regulations section 1.
Flowcharts, together with explanatory notes, are being posted to the AICPA's Web site to assist you in determining if some or all of these regulations are likely to apply to you.
These states may simply adopt the federal scheme in its entirety, either by copying the federal laws on the subject, or by passing a law adopting the federal regulations by reference (e.
In writing regulations for assisted living, each state must address how to place "restrictions" or limitations on an entity that is defined by its creativity and its flexibility, to tailor a model based on residents' needs.
The regulations apply to sales and leases of all housing constructed before 1978, except for housing for the elderly or the disabled and 0-bedroom dwellings.
Now the small business lobby--with 600,000 members--has a new target: federal regulations.
According to the regulations, the exception would not extend to a laboratory that is shared by several physicians who are independent practitioners and who are not members of a group.
When these regulations are fully implemented, EPA estimates that the cost to industry will be nearly $1 billion a year.
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