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Keywords: software maintenance, regression testing, regression test selection, model-based testing, UML, software components, embedded programs
Telesis, LLC, headquartered in Connecticut, is the leading automated testing and regression testing company in the Northeast, with 14 years of functional software experience and 350+ client engagements.
Finally, load testing benchmarks performance, response time and throughput functionality, while regression testing ensures that application problems are not introduced with newer versions of your application.
ASG-Testing Suite's regression testing capabilities are based on journal archive files that are automatically produced during all CA-IDMS CV (Central Version) test runs.
They are starting to appreciate how pre-deployment regression testing has a direct impact on the quality of their service," said Dan Miller, senior analyst and founder, Opus Research.
Jtest eliminates the time consuming, tedious tasks of manually performing white box, black box, and regression testing.
I see a great potential in PinDown since it not only can be used by ASIC-designers but also by software developers to speed-up regression testing and improve product quality.
Development organizations that are attempting to shorten their development cycles and improve quality often hit roadblocks when it comes to the testing cycle, especially regression testing.
We were looking into spending thousands of dollars for some other regression testing tool.
Healthcare IT Leader Recognized for Automating Regression Testing Processes of Its Electronic Medical Records Application to Deliver a Superior Product to Its Customers
Hardware regression testing and block-level regression testing weighed in at 18 and 17 percent, respectively.
Working with Questcon, Misys developed a framework to automate its regression testing and can now run regression test cases in just two to three days.
This virtual prototyping environment is suitable for both software development and modeling, and can be used for unit development and testing, or leveraged for regression testing.
A central test management tool is a great way to help automate and simplify the testing process in today's market where the need for integrated and complex regression testing is absolutely paramount to ensuring service quality and benefit from the lowest cost of ownership," said Vanessa Alvarez, associate analyst for enabling technologies, Yankee Group.
Xpress Claim Test Pro is a complete claims regression testing solution for testing upgrades and migrations of healthcare claim payment systems.