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a region of northeastern Italy on the Adriatic

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The committee calls for an independent assessment of the breach of European Environmental procedures involved in granting permission for the motorway, and it wants to see both the Italian government and the Regione Veneto putting a stop to random development of cappanoni by drawing up enforceable plans for the protection of the ancient fen landscape.
Implementing agency : Regione Veneto Area Infrastrutture Dipartimento Territorio Sezione Pianificazione Territoriale Strategica e Cartografia
Regione Veneto - Regional Coordination Purchasing for Health organizes a technical dialogue aimed at collecting information for the preparation of the technical documentation relating to the tender for the concession of the service remote control - remote assistance in the form integrated with the PSSR 2012-2016 Region Veneto, LR 30/2009, Article 4, and L.
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