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Synonyms for regent

members of a governing board

someone who rules during the absence or incapacity or minority of the country's monarch

Related Words

acting or functioning as a regent or ruler

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109) "Kurzgefasstes Jahrbuch der Rufiischen Regenten," Allgemeine Deutsche Bibliothek 24, 1 (1775): 483.
Adinegoro claimed that all regenten of Java descended from the last king of the Majapahit empire, Browidjojo V.
Dem Regenten allein steht das Archivrecht (jus archivi) zu, die Befugniss, offentliche Archive zu haben, ihnen offentliches Ansehen zu verleihen, und fur die darin aufbewahrten, an sich unverdachtigen Urkunden, die Rechtsvermuthung der Aechtheit zu verordnen", Johann, Offentliches Recht, 430.
During the period of the Regenten, the Dutch republic becomes involved in various important treaties where the nature of its true relationship with Spain shows.
New Work on the 'Occult' and Natural Disciplines of the Renaissance: Dieter Blume, Regenten des Himmels: Astrologische Bilder in Mittelalter und Renaissance; et al.
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