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the most liberal Jews

beliefs and practices of Reform Jews

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Historians will lament that Rabbi Berman and JPS did not update The Rise of Reform Judaism to incorporate a broader range of primary sources.
Fortuitously, the Union for Reform Judaism had already published The Torah: A Modern Commentary Revised Edition in 2006 [hereafter TAMC Revised].
We have got to combat that, and create a space where people who may not meet face-to-face can have a constructive debate," said Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand, executive director of the Movement for Reform Judaism.
The most recent convention of the Union for Reform Judaism (formerly The Union of American Hebrew Congregations), held in Minneapolis, attracted over 4,600 delegates; its campuses in Cincinnati, New York, Los Angeles, and Jerusalem are beehives of activity;, its Religious Actions Center in Washington hums with social action programs.
The Union for Reform Judaism and the Simon Wiesenthal Center have also condemned the terrorist threats.
As editor of JUDAISM, I asked leaders of the various American Jewish religious streams to comment on his book, as a means of focusing a general discussion about the condition of Reform Judaism today.
His own spiritual journey has taken him from Reform Judaism to Zen Buddhism; he has translated spiritual texts from various religious traditions.
In this model, using the image of the seven-branched menorah, he says, "Messianic Judaism should be seen merely as one among many expressions of the Jewish faith, [alongside] Hasidism, Orthodox Judaism, Conservative Judaism, Reform Judaism, Reconstructionist Judaism, and Humanistic Judaism" (p.
We feminists, like Reform Judaism, are a product of the Enlightenment, its last piece of unfinished business, as Susannah Heschel suggests: the adjustment of gender roles and rules to modernity.
Rabbi David Saperstein, director, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
Though Geiger, one the intellectual leaders of Reform Judaism in Germany, has been branded an assimilationist by some Jewish scholars, H.
For now, mediators work just with Christian and Jewish couples, including those wrangling over intrafaith issues such as the technical differences between Orthodox and Reform Judaism, Mousin says.
Yet unfortunately for the Jewish community, Reform Judaism may have just been an intermediate step to conversion in the next generation.
Tim Bishop, a representative of the Aryan Nations, bragged about joining the anti-abortion movement in an interview for Reform Judaism magazine: "Lots of our people join in.
Emancipation and assimilation, Reform Judaism and Zionism, and the struggle against anti-Semitism have preoccupied the specialist and non specialist alike.