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From being mostly amateurs, astronomers were now mostly professionals; professional astronomy became dominated by astrophysics rather than astrometry and orbit calculations; the reflecting telescope superseded the refractor; and photographic observations took precedence over the visual.
The two largest reflecting telescopes in the world are on the mountain of Mauna Kea in Hawaii.
So in 1926 he published two articles by Porter: the first on mirror making, and the second on mounts for reflecting telescopes.
In 1946, two proposals were made for large reflecting telescopes, both of which, when built, would have apertures of over 90 inches (2.
These glass mirrors provided much better reflective surfaces, and were more thermally stable, than the solid-metal mirrors that had been used for reflecting telescopes since the days of William Herschel (see "Perfecting the Modern Reflector," S&T.
While examining it closely, S&T assistant editor Sean Walker noticed that the brighter stars exhibit a uniform triangular distortion reminiscent of a common optical aberration in many reflecting telescopes.
Christopher Taylor's in-depth chapter on using reflecting telescopes dispels a few myths.
FOR YEARS REFLECTING TELESCOPES have taken a back seat to refractors for high-magnification views of planets and double stars.
While not the first to consider melding the best attributes of refracting and reflecting telescopes into a single instrument, Dmitri Maksutov did conceive an optical system that was to spawn a class of very compact, high-definition instruments that would be relatively easy to manufacture.
He enjoys telescope making and design and is the creator of TCT, a free software package for the design of unobstructed reflecting telescopes for the amateur.
Wilson develops principles of optical tolerancing, especially the concept that reflecting telescopes behave like imperfectly aligned schiefspieglers (a form of unobstructed reflecting telescope).
However, if the mirrors are tilted, reflecting telescopes can be built that lack central obstructions, and such instruments offer the potential for excellent high-contrast performance.
A German amateur's solution to the problem of central obstruction in reflecting telescopes.
In particular, I'll explore the differences between refracting and reflecting telescopes for observing the planets.
Established in 1878, Pic du Midi today features reflecting telescopes of 2-meter, 1-meter, and 60-cm aperture, several coronagraphs, and a 50-cm solar refractor.