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nutritive tissue surrounding the embryo within seeds of flowering plants

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Refined grains in southern India, mainly consist of polished rice, refined wheat flour (white flour), semolina and ragi (finger millet) flour.
The researchers found that compared to refined grains, whole grains offered more fiber and several nutrients which protected individuals against several diseases including cardiovascular disease.
But with two teaspoons of sugar per bowl, refined grains, low fibre and a sixth of a young child's daily salt intake, they are best kept for a treat only.
Highly refined grains such as those found in most breakfast cereals, breads and grain products contain substantially smaller quantities of these important nutrients.
For adults older than 50, eating just three 1-ounce equivalents of whole grains a day -- instead of a comparable amount of refined grains -- can help prevent disease and maintain a healthy weight.
7 Choose helped whole grain Swapping a refined grain cereal for a whole grain oat version helped people reduce their blood pressure readings and allowed some to reduce or quit medication, a study in the Journal of Family Practice reveals.
Exceptions: Arnold, Brownberry, and Oroweat Whole Grains are often a mix of whole and refined grain.
The new MyPlate depiction of Dietary Guidelines "is inherently constrained, most notably by failures to distinguish between whole grains and refined grain products.
Our Best Bites have little or no refined grain or the first two ingredients are whole grain, bran, fruit, or soy.
Not surprisingly, when we compared the relationship of both visceral fat tissue and subcutaneous fat tissue to whole and refined grain intake, we saw a more striking association with visceral fat.
The authors state, "This study indicates that a diet high in fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, poultry, and fish, and low in red and processed meats and refined grain products may lower risk of coronary heart disease in women.
The new breakfast breads and English muffins join new Sara Lee Made with Whole Grain Plain Bagels to form a full breakfast portfolio that pairs whole grain and refined grain in products that have the taste, appearance and texture of mainstream baked goods.
The piece stresses that "efforts to reduce sugar intake are appropriate, but they should form part of a broader effort to improve the quality of carbohydrates, which would include reducing intakes of refined grain products and potatoes.
One example is the usage of our refined grain products of famous brands as promotional items for their main products, as gift items for customers, and as benefit items for employees.