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fine powdery foodstuff obtained by grinding and sifting the meal of a cereal grain

cover with flour

convert grain into flour

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The researchers first formulated whole wheat flour with a common refined flour from hard red spring wheat.
Batter it with refined flour and corn flour and deep fry it.
Made with whole grains: Many products make a whole grain claim even though they often contain refined flour as the first ingredient and the amount of whole grains are minimal.
White bread and other foods made with highly refined flour, white rice, potatoes, and sugary beverages pass quickly from the stomach to the small intestine.
Hundreds of sweet shops spring up every year during the fair, where you can taste these pancakes made of refined flour and dipped in sugar syrup.
High-GI foods, such as a baguette made with white, refined flour, are quickly broken down by the body, causing an instant release of sugar into the bloodstream.
Instead of using refined flour, mixing wheat flour with jowar or bajra, which are both very healthy grains, helps you stay full for several hours.
Refined flour has had the brown husk of the grain stripped away, leaving the white, refined starch found in white bread, white rice, pasta, cookies, and numerous other junk foods.
Wheat has been the staple grain in Britain for centuries and we're largely a nation of white bread eaters, partly because refined flour has a longer shelf-life.
Many "wholegrain" breads, cereals and pastas have a substantial amount of refined flour, sugar and chemicals, because all that is needed to feature the government's new whole grain stamp is eight grams (half a serving) of whole grain.
Avoid eating meals that are high in sugar or refined flour.
A change in eating habits, at least temporarily, is required, with elimination of sugar (and all sweets), refined flour and flour products, and a general reduction of grains.
Treat refined flour like white rice--okay in very small quantities, but with little nutritive value.