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Synonyms for reef

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a submerged ridge of rock or coral near the surface of the water

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a rocky region in the southern Transvaal in northeastern South Africa

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one of several strips across a sail that can be taken in or rolled up to lessen the area of the sail that is exposed to the wind

lower and bring partially inboard

roll up (a portion of a sail) in order to reduce its area

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reduce (a sail) by taking in a reef

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Falling in the International Year of the Reef a world-wide campaign driven by the International Coral Reef Initiative the meeting centred on small actions regional Queenslanders can pledge to help protect our global icon thats right on our doorsteps.
installed reef balls in Colorada Point in Barangay Tigbao, Aroroy, Masbate.
This is the finding are from the latest Global Coral Reef Monitoring regional report on the state of coral reefs of the Western Indian Ocean.
Already, the barren area around the artificial reef has become home to 32 species of fish including damselfish, butterfly fish, lizardfish, thread fin beams, rabbitfish, cardinal fish and lion fish.
Caption: Reef Ball structures deployed in 60 feet of water off Sarasota County.
That estimate considers the social, economic and iconic value of the reef that (http://www.
The International Union for Conservation of Nature, along with a travel industry service, has trained 40 marine biologists and dive guides for coral reef protection.
Although it's clear that recovery often takes decades, the range of restrictions we factored into our research helps us chart a course for the recovery of coral reef fisheries that includes everyone, not just those who can afford to wall off large areas.
The parrotfishes are very important to coral reef health because they eat the algae that would otherwise overwhelm young corals on reefs recovering from natural disturbances.
The red snapper is a reef-associated fish that uses reef habitat as a resource for both shelter and prey (Ouzts and Szedlmayer, 2003; Szedlmayer and Lee, 2004; Piko and Szedlmayer, 2007; Gallaway et al.
By giving countries from all over the world the opportunity to rapidly assess the state of their reef resources, this project will allow these countries the important baseline and rapid assessment technologies to measure the direction of change and to prioritize their management interventions.
The reef shutdown, which began 4,000 years ago, corresponds to a period of dramatic swings in the El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO).
The UN's environmental department UNESCO warned that if the imminent threat to the reef from industrial development was not dealt with and substantial progress made, it would consider listing the reef as a world heritage site "in danger".
Reef World sites consist of iconic man-made structures carefully placed in underwater areas that hold little value to resort guests.
According to some estimates, 20 percent of the world's natural coral reefs have been lost, and 75 percent of remaining reefs are endangered by climate change, pollution, and fishing practices that deplete reef species.