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a reversible chemical reaction in which one reaction is an oxidation and the reverse is a reduction

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Ying, "Stabilization and Compressive Strain Effect of AuCu Core on Pt Shell for Oxygen Reduction Reaction," Energy and Environmental Science, (2012) DOI:10.
A summarized reduction reaction of niobium chloride with hydrogen is decribed by the following reaction:
There are two dashed lines in this figure that identify the potentials where the cathodic reduction reactions
The laminated structure of the produced blocks is determined mainly by the change of the mechanism and of the rate of the reduction reaction during the process.
As a result of the reduction reaction (2) two products are formed: alloy of niobium with residual aluminium and slag (calcium--aluminium oxides), having usually a quite clear separation or interfacial area (Fig.
Briefly, 30 [micro]L of EDTA plasma was incubated in a dithiothreitol reduction reaction (1 mmol/L dithiothreitol and 2 mL/L Triton X-100 in 40 mmol/L sodium phosphate buffer, pH 8.
The reaction time for each sample was defined as the time required, after the heated reduction reaction starts, to trap all of the evolved [H.
4] and PTS anions in the film during the reduction reaction, the time required for R(t) to reach 50% of its peak value, [R.
In mullite-based products, a reaction between the iron- or the manganese oxides and the silica portion of the mullite can occur, but will require a higher melt temperature to drive the reduction reaction.
Since it is known that an anionic so (sodium or sium fatty acid carboxylate) and copper ion are both present and required to give an efficient diimide latex reduction reaction (ref 1), it is most probable that the active metal site at the latex particle surface also has the same binuclear structure.
When these carbon materials are used as catalysts, the doping atoms, most often nitrogen, drive the reduction reaction.
So, for binding of silica, which is originally present in the NTMK slag and forms in the reduction reaction, significant additives of calcium oxide are necessary.
We were originally developing a consumer product that would have benefited from this type of reduction reaction, but then realized that the market is much larger for a user-friendly form of the alkali metals themselves.
For the reduction reaction, we used flat-bottomed 96-well cell culture cluster plates with low-evaporation lids (cat.
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