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(astronomy) a shift in the spectra of very distant galaxies toward longer wavelengths (toward the red end of the spectrum)

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In that scenario, a redshift in light would be explained by the distance between a star and its observer, with the light slowing over great distances.
Ted Forte replies: Distance estimates made by different methods often vary greatly for the same object--and, as you've noted, redshift can be most problematic to interpret.
6) is our cosmological model relating light-travel time to redshifts.
Another recent Hubble survey also found a handful of faraway galaxies with redshifts possibly in the range of 8.
When measuring distant objects in the Universe, astronomers refer to the redshift using the letter z.
Redshift Quantization and Anomalous Redshifts of Quasars
Tifft returned to research on galaxies, combining his data on the brightness and color of Virgo cluster galaxies with data on their redshifts.
The Friedmann equation expresses H as a function of redshift z.
When compared with lower redshift studies, the new results show that the number of galaxies grew steadily as the universe aged.
The group plans to seek larger samples of quasars, to confirm the patterns are consistent and can be used to calculate their redshifts everywhere across the universe.
Objects with larger redshifts are farther away and are seen further back in time.
The table gives travel times for various redshifts based on an age for the universe of 13.
To be able to detect these very distant objects which were forming near the beginning of the universe, astronomers look for sources which have very high redshifts.
In the present study the distance modulus was adjusted to take into account the effect of redshifts on the observed fluxes of astronomical objects.
By far the most intriguing result of these initial studies was the suggestion that galaxy redshifts take on preferred or 'quantized' values.