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North American diving duck with a grey-and-black body and reddish-brown head

black-and-white North American woodpecker having a red head and neck

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If there are fewer redheads in future it is more likely that the rare gene is losing out in global, multicultural society.
Take a look at other facts about redheads that you probably didn't know.
Crosshaven is beautiful and to see so many redheads in one place is just how Adele wonderful.
The non-profit Irish Redhead Convention partners with the Irish Cancer Society every year and has raised more than [euro]30,000 for the national charity to date, because redheads are one of the groups most susceptible to melanoma and other skin cancers.
I love that we all share common experiences as redheads and there is an understanding and camaraderie as we all stand together.
Red hair also tends to skip generations, so if you are a redhead, your children may not be born with red hair, but your grandchildren may.
The United States has the highest number of redheads in the world.
And now, specific research connects the gene that gives redheads their signature color to a heightened risk for developing melanoma.
And while other redheads may take offence, truth be told I'm a gingerphobe.
Voice of the ECHO: Page 10 A SHORT HISTORY OF REDHEADS IN THE PUBLIC EYE FAMOUS redheads who have stood out from the crowd include: ?
It's an age-old discrimination, with redheads burned as witches in the Middle Ages.
Summary: The world's redheads have descended on the Dutch city of Breda for an annual festival to celebrate their hair colour.
One study revealed that redheads are more sensitive to thermal pain and more resistant to the pain-numbing effects of certain anesthetics.
So here, in their own words, are how some of our readers feel about their favorite redheads, whose photos you'll find on Page E1:
Dentists may need to treat redheads more gingerly than other patients.