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North American diving duck with a grey-and-black body and reddish-brown head

black-and-white North American woodpecker having a red head and neck

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That's only to be expected since Scotland has the highest proportion of redheads in the world - 13 per cent.
But since then it's attracted thousands of redheads and raised [euro]20,000 for the Irish Cancer Society.
According to a recent study, 38% of the Welsh population carry the redhead gene - only south east Scotland is higher with 40%.
Then he told Ethan Toscan - the lad who made the placard - that being a redhead "was the number one thing a person can ever be.
Keep in mind that redheads should stay out of the sun.
To mark national Redhead Day hundreds of flame-haired folk from across the country made their way to Manchester for an annual celebration of all things ginger - and this year they even had their own awards ceremony - the MOGOs.
The United States has the highest number of redheads in the world.
But he admits making the film took him on an emotional journey to help him find selfconfidence and he has been overwhelmed by the response the film has had from redheads and non-redheads across the world.
And now, specific research connects the gene that gives redheads their signature color to a heightened risk for developing melanoma.
Some may think I'm letting the ginger side down - especially as geneticists predict redheads will be extinct within 100 years - but I really can't be supportive of my own kind.
We suspected the same might be true of redheads and lesser scaup because they winter in the Gulf of Mexico, a saline environment with a lot of sand and potential erosive mechanical wear," said Szymanski.
Voice of the ECHO: Page 10 A SHORT HISTORY OF REDHEADS IN THE PUBLIC EYE FAMOUS redheads who have stood out from the crowd include: ?
It's an age-old discrimination, with redheads burned as witches in the Middle Ages.
Summary: The world's redheads have descended on the Dutch city of Breda for an annual festival to celebrate their hair colour.
One study revealed that redheads are more sensitive to thermal pain and more resistant to the pain-numbing effects of certain anesthetics.