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stock that has been bought back by the issuing corporation and is available for retirement or resale

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com/How/GoldETF" target="_blank">Gold ETF</a>&nbsp;- today reported its fifth redemption of shares in exchange for physical bullion in as many weeks.
Private equity fund managers are attracted to the BVI for a number of reasons including: the absence of direct taxes in the BVI, which allows funds to maximise returns to their investors; no income, withholding or capital gains taxes in the BVI with respect to shares, interests or units of the fund owned by investors; no capital or stamp duties levied in the BVI on the issue, transfer or redemption of shares, interests or units of a fund and a stable and well regulated environment.
23 billion without redemption of shares "in order to enable and facilitate the rights issue," it said.
7 billion krona would be paid to stockholders, mainly through a redemption of shares.
Only last month the glass giant had to borrow pounds 193m to plug a hole in its balance sheet due to the impending redemption of shares in March that were issued 20 years ago.
There are several means by which an angel investor can make an exit and achieve a return -- Initial Public Offering, acquisition, company redemption of shares and payout of a cash dividend.
The plans also offer extra features such as telephone redemption of shares and options such as whether to reinvest dividends or to open an IRA account.
The Board's proposal regarding redemption of shares and stock dividend, and an alternative shareholder proposal, were announced
Medivir AB (STO:MVIR) on Friday reported a change in the number of shares and votes in the company due to redemption of shares under the voluntary redemption programme resolved at the extraordinary general meeting on 2 February 2017.
Section 32(B)(7)(h) of the National Internal Revenue Code states that excluded from the computation of gross income are Gains realized by the investor upon redemption of shares of stock in a mutual fund company as defined in Section 22 (BB) of this Code.
The redemption of shares from mutual fund 1 will generate $1,575 (63 shares x $25 per share) and a capital gain of $315 (63 shares x [$25 - $20] gain per share).
In anticipation of the final redemption of shares, October 4 was the last day the Russell Low P/E ETF traded on NYSE Arca.
ST), a European engineering and architecture consultancy, on Tuesday announced a change in the share capital and number of shares and votes in the company as a result of a new share issue, conversion and redemption of shares.
The power business booked a non-recurring net loss during the semester as the gains from the redemption of shares made by its associate companies during the first quarter of 2012 were eaten up by the high fuel cost booked by its geothermal plants and the debt prepayment cost incurred by the parent firm.