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any skin disorder involving abnormal redness

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Occasionally, however, signs can include swelling and ulcers in the mouth, nasal discharge, red skin and eyes as a result of blood collecting beneath the surface, swollen teats and/or tiredness.
His celebrated tan was replaced by red skin and bags under his eyes, at times covered by sunglasses.
It has 50 to 60 percent red skin blush over a cream ground color.
She had children, a home, she closed her eyes (yours were open), her lips unmoving as you// bumpered your tongue to her red skin, and when/ you lurched in/ further, she withdrew, a note forgotten in a drawer,/ you grabbed, no, groped her chest, how desperate, Sorry, she said, not you,/ I'm so sorry, her taillights// bright as embarrass-ment, an opportunity/ for further failure/ missed// There is no such thing as/ love in a gene.
Red Skin, White Masks: Rejecting the Colonial Politics of Recognition
Dappled red skin covers juicy, sweet blood red flesh.
Draw on the face of the turkey and its snood, the flap of red skin that hangs over the bill.
Still, there are a couple of false notes: Some of the lyrics are obviously word salad: The very first lines are: "She's got me wrapped up in blue/while I'm wearing red skin.
Psoriasis is a skin disease that causes itchy or sore patches of thick, red skin with silvery scales.
Red mullet is a sweet, white fish with pretty red skin.
SkinPerfector is a primer formulated to reduce facial redness that contains a light green tint designed to counteract and diminish the appearance of red skin for a more even, clear base for makeup application.
The planned acquisition includes Zytopic for atopic dermatitis, a type of itchy and scaly skin rash; Coraz for seborrhoeic dermatitis, a skin condition where flaky white or yellow scales appear on the scalp or inside the ear; Xylarid for hemorrhoids; Zinx for cough and cold; Extendryl for congestion; Liquadd for attention deficit disorder; Akurza for psoriasis, a disease that causes thick, red skin with flaky scales; Breeze pads for acne and Levall for cough.
Shiny red skin ulcer on a leg: an itchy dermatitis known as a lick granuloma, caused by continuous licking at the spot.
Varieties suitable for autumn cropping include the Duke of York, a traditional favourite and excellent for boiling and roasting, or the more floury Red Duke of York, with a deep red skin colour.
We'd seen the stretches of red skin sweat where black fur was torn away, and finally, Doc said, he'd put it out of its misery.