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a large, old, luminous star

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The researchers estimated the amount of radiation the twin planets would have received throughout their lifetimes from their red giants, old stars that themselves are puffed up quite a bit, and how they would have absorbed it.
Red giants and supergiants, for their part, have stopped hydrogen core-burning.
Once the algorithm had determined that relationship, the researchers simply plugged in Sloan light measurements to determine the masses, and thus the ages, of about 70,000 galactic red giants.
Jose Francisco Gomez, IAACSIC researcher in charge of the project, said that in a few thousand million years, the sun will exhaust its nuclear fuel, expand into a red giant and eject a major part of its mass, resulting into a white dwarf surrounded by a glowing planetary nebula.
Although being a red giant is just a passing phase, occupying less than 10% of a star's life, red giants account for a lot of the stars we see because they're so luminous.
The cluster stars that started off with moderate masses are still shining brightly with blue-white colours, but the more massive ones have already exhausted their supplies of hydrogen fuel and have become red giant stars.
The outburst came from a rare type of star system in which a white dwarf interacts with a red giant, a star more than a hundred times the size of our sun.
Washington, October 14 ( ANI ): An international team of astronomers have discovered an intriguing spiral structure surrounding a pulsing red giant star, which they believe may offer a preview of how the sun will behave at the end of its life.
The material ejected from red giants and supernovas contains vital ingredients for making new stars.
As in across the Santa Monica Mountains, where the red giants of North Coast forests could envelope deer, bobcats and other wildlife.
The latest calculations by Smith's colleague Dr Peter Schroeder were calibrated against data from known super red giants.
There's a good use of music and, overall, as a Leeds supporter said after his team lost to the jammy red giants, "It was like watching evil triumph".
They focused on three types of old stars representing different stages of evolution: red giants, protoplanetary nebulae and planetary nebulae.
The red giants did not fall on it, because although they were quite cool (that was why they were red), they were very luminous, because of their enormous size.
For us it's important to study not just what red giants look like, but how they change and how they seed the galaxy with the elements that are the ingredients of life," researcher Wouter Vlemmings said in a statement from the (http://www.