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Curtis starred as a fake spiritualist whose partner Susan Strasberg developed a lump on her neck which grew into an evil, stunted 400-year-old Red Indian medicine man.
The team also found bright red Indian earthenware in the Siraf fortress, which date back to the late Sassanid era," he added.
Of course, it's no accident that Schofield's posed photographs capture the incongruity of the situation with Eric, aka TJ Bear River, standing with his gun over his shoulder next to the gas fire and pig ornaments, or the Red Indian Chief with his laminate flooring.
There was this native Red Indian guy a few years ago who amazed a Hollywood crew filming in the Arizona desert.
Some of the cartoons poke fun at Hitler but others show him as the angel of death and as a red Indian with a head on a pole.
He claimed at Flintshire Magistrates' Court in Mold he was distracted by three women in Red Indian fancy dress who had asked for a lift.
Name the Red Indian chief who died at the battle of Wounded Knee.
That old Red Indian saying `man speaks with forked tongue' springs to mind; the LACS has an ulterior motive, their own survival, and clearly cannot be trusted.
TALENT: Singing on earlier show TOM-TOM BOY: As a Red Indian with drum at five
Jesus becomes the ringmaster in red tail coat and top hat, Judas a clown and various other characters emerge as majorettes, a strongman, ballerina, cowboy, red indian etc.
And she reminded him of some of the presents Dad had sent: a Red Indian peace pipe made of red stone "catlinite", after a visit to an Indian Reservation; a jacket each, American style, with four pockets and a zipper (a great novelty, this) down the front; small specimens of gold ore from a gold mine in the Rocky Mountains.
Unless, of course, one of the cops is related to Geronimo or other Red Indian with specialist tracking skills.
The sounds of the pantomime were still to be heard as people made their way home and even pensioners left the theatre singing the Red Indian song.
I had longish hair and the boss told me I had to be a Red Indian.