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a flag that serves as a warning signal

the emblem of socialist revolution

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something that irritates or demands immediate action

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Most of these red flags were pointed out to me by my friend, Cleve de la Calzada, a pastor of the Victory Christian Fellowship church in Ortigas.
Due to the increase in fraud that has been globally reaching public and private companies, and to the importance of red flags to detect fraud through internal auditors, it is necessary to investigate the use of these instruments by internal auditing (Pinheiro & Cunha, 2003).
Likewise, if you're a credit union professional making a career move, you'll want to identify red flags during the interview process so you don't end up in the same mess I did.
The red flags at Silverstrand Beach and Ting Kau Beach have been lowered.
Not every claim involves fraud, but there are some red flags that could indicate a claim is at least worth a closer look.
LuLu Publishing has just released "Condo Red Flags," a condo buyer's crash course.
They detail the nature, characteristics, and basic elements of fraud, criminal and civil fraud, and conspiracy; the dynamics and root causes of fraud; the Red Flag System process; aspects and red flags for financial statement and procurement fraud; the prevention and detection of bribery and corruption; how money laundering is used to conceal fraud; high-risk corporate activities and market manipulation; pyramid schemes; the role of good governance; the responsibility of the board of directors; enterprise, fraud, and compliance risk management; and screening, scrutinizing, and investigating red flags.
Millions of dollars of an organization's fraud losses could be saved by training employees to recognize the common fraudster characteristics and red flags.
George added that the Red Flag Program Clarification Act of 2010, signed into law at the end of the year, limits the applicability of the "Red Flags" Rules to a creditor, as defined in the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), that regularly, and in the ordinary course of business:
In early December 2010, a broad range of unsuspecting companies was required to comply with the Federal Trade Commission's so-called red flags rule and create an identity theft prevention program.
Congress passed legislation clarifying its definition of a "'creditor" under the Red Flags rule, a move that could help bolster the case that physicians should not have to abide by the new identity theft safeguards.
Beginning December 31, the Red Flags Rule, which will be enforced by the FTC, the National Credit Union Administration and a host of other federal bank regulators, will require all organizations subject to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 to implement a formal identity theft prevention program.
Commission will begin enforcement of its Red Flags Rule Dec.
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has yet again delayed enforcement of its Red Flags rule, marking at least the fifth delay since the FTC introduced the rule in November 2007.