Saint George

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Christian martyr

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Lewis's Perelandra, the focus of this article, builds around the quest of Red Cross Knight on behalf of the lady Una in Book I of Spenser's poem.
The groundwork laid, Book I unfolds the quest in which, through twelve cantos of allegorical adventures, a still very imperfect Red Cross Knight grows by fits and starts to become the Knight of Holiness, and learns his true identity in order finally to slay the dragon and deliver Una's parents.
The trilogy's Elwin Ransom is, like Red Cross Knight, both an Everyman Christian warrior and a flawed potential Christ figure.
Rather than the "tall clownishe younge man" of the Letter to Raleigh, Ransom is a portly middle-aged philologist who, far from "desir[ing] the aduenture," as does Red Cross Knight (717), has been kidnapped into his first interplanetary quest.
George to represent Henry in the civil war pamphlets and Red Cross Knight at the end of book 1 of The Faerie Queene.