Red Cross

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an international organization that cares for the sick or wounded or homeless in wartime

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Then early in the morning the Red Cross Knight rose and, believing his Lady to be unworthy, he rode sadly away, leaving her alone.
He, too, receives her kindly, and in the wood she lives with these wild creatures until there she finds a new knight named Satyrane, with whom she once more sets forth to seek the Red Cross Knight.
Meanwhile Duessa had led the Red Cross Knight to the house of Pride.
When the false Duessa discovered that the Red Cross Knight had fled, she followed him and found him resting beside a fountain.
It was the voice of the Red Cross Knight, which, when the champion heard, "with furious force and indignation fell" he rent that iron door and entered in.
Once more the Red Cross Knight was free and reunited to his Lady, while the false Duessa was unmasked and shown to be a bad old witch, who fled away "to the wasteful wilderness apace.
But the Red Cross Knight was still so weak and feeble that Despair almost persuaded him to kill himself.
The Red Cross of his Knight, "the dear remembrance of his dying Lord," was in those days the flag of England, and is still the Red Cross of our Union Jack.
The officer obeyed; and, brandishing his sword, Endicott thrust it through the cloth, and, with his left hand, rent the Red Cross completely out of the banner.
We look back through the mist of ages, and recognize in the rending of the Red Cross from New England's banner the first omen of that deliverance which our fathers consummated after the bones of the stern Puritan had lain more than a century in the dust.
I grew mad with impatience for the arrival of the Red Cross Knight.
has operated in the shadow of the American Red Cross, struggling in the role of David to the Red Cross' Goliath.
Working with the American Red Cross, Intergraph provided technology and people while financing assistance to address the needs of those impacted.
A retired battalion commander from the Orange County Fire Department, Chambers has been a Red Cross volunteer for five years.
As part of the agreement, the American Red Cross will be utilizing Teradata hardware, software and professional services and will migrate its Teradata Warehouse system to its headquarters data center in Washington, D.