Red China

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a communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia

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To help contain the communist and separatist insurgencies, he also opened, with First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos, diplomatic and trade relations with Red China on June 9, 1975, the Soviet Union on June 2, 1976, and member-states of the Eastern Bloc in Europe starting in 1973, with East Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria and countries in the Middle East.
So at the same time I would like to give a massage to all the countries that still the Tibetans are still suffering under the brutal occupation of the red China and still our Tibetan brothers and sisters are in Tibet still suffering and they can't have any freedom, any independence and they even have no religious freedom.
Ne Win's determination to confront China,' claims the author, was 'no mean feat as Burma had always been wary of Red China for fear of being invaded and subverted from within'.
How about NASCAR, the IRS, vigilantes, property taxes, nuclear, Red China, freedom of speech, standardized tests, war, big business and Israel?
Pakistan paid a heavy price in terms of strained relations with the United States, Japan, and European nations for forging friendly ties with Red China in the 1950s and 1960s.
As pointed out by Frazier Hunt in The Untold Story of Douglas MacArthur (1954), this gave the Chinese communists and their "Korean war plans a tremendous impetus, because Red China could now enter the Korean war at any time she chose without fear of being attacked on her flank and rear by the Nationalist troops on Formosa.
Little did he think the Reds of Anfield would one day be owned by the wealth of Red China.
If we manage to continue stumbling out of the current economic crisis, I think future historians may look back and decide that the most important thing to happen in the last 18 months was that Red China decided to become Green China.
Human rights in Red China has long been a stick that the US political left and right have used to beat each other with whenever possible, and China's turn to capitalism has not hampered the practice.
The same can be said for North Korea, Red China or Saddam's Iraq.
Ferrell benefits from more recent studies on the Korean War to show Soviet involvement in it, but also to describe the complicated triangle of the new Red China (and its concentration on Formosa), Kim II-Sung's ambitions for South Korea, and the American diversion with respect to Europe and the Berlin Blockade.
For years rumours persisted that the plane (similar to the one pictured below) was loaded with millions of dollars of communist gold, smuggled out of red China for safe-keeping.
In Red China, red, while and blue was the predominant colour as Britain moved to sixth on the medal table.
During the widely publicized 1971 Red China visit, Nixon lauded the merits of the communally composed opera Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy, an asinine piece of eclectic trash.
Her journalism for the Globe and Mail, including coverage of the Tiananmen Square democracy protest and massacre, and her book Red China Blues, chronicling her time as a fervent Maoist at Beijing University in the early 1970s, have given readers remarkable insights into a fascinating and ever-evolving civilization.