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Synonyms for recuperate



Synonyms for recuperate

Synonyms for recuperate

regain or make up for

regain a former condition after a financial loss

restore to good health or strength

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El gesto final del personaje no tiene ninguna repercusion social o politica dentro del filme, es recuperable solo desde un punto de vista personal, el del hijo.
All of these activities and motives are recuperable within the logic of sport-as-capitalism.
Sin embargo, desde la perspectiva interpretativa ideologica y estetica de Cristina Peri Rossi la imagen de la mujer representada en el canon masculino es recuperable y no se reduce a una inscripcion de pasividad.
According to this metaphor, memory is organized, particularized, valuable, and recuperable in a form identical to the original.
In this essay, Baraka argues along with Cesaire that the poem must do more than create a momentary sense of disorder, which is simply and entirely recuperable within a capitalist economy, and that the poem must instead remake reality.
If the former sort of ethnic nationalism triumphed in late-19th century and early 20th century Ireland and continues to prevail among the more ardent adherents and sympathizers of the IRA and Sinn Fein, the latter notion is a lost but recuperable heritage of the United Irishmen.
It is always a critical misstep to leave the historical and political contexts of a work of art, if these are recuperable, out of the reckoning.
The very thing so many commentators and anchor-persons so volubly expressed, 'a universal tragedy' touching everyone, meant that it would never be completely recuperable by US ideology in the older and narrower sense.
Rather, a semantic and interpretative perspective renders this type of narrative recuperable, because readers have recourse to "natural" categories.
The reader, ever conscious of the narrator's voice, is forced to rely on the words and interpret the actions of the recuperable dilettante.
Lambo also established a community outreach program that installed recuperable patients with local families on a work exchange program.
En 1999, la Fondation Rigoberta Menchu Tum (24) et PACEPIC organiserent le Fonds recuperable de bien-etre social (FORBIS), a travers lequel fut cree un systeme qui permettait d'acheter a credit des toles ondulees pour ameliorer les toits des habitations.
The real error comes not with intentionality but with organicism and the 'interpretive fallacy', for which meaning is recuperable because it forms part of a unified body.
Representations of the African were, and are, evidently not fixed but eminently recuperable and variable, depending on the political exigencies of any historical conjuncture.
Thus, bose (patrician assemblies) controlled subdivision initially, fixed informal rents for both local Indian farmers and their own, and continued to treat the lands which were legally registered to them as so many parts of a recuperable whole.