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someone who supplies members or employees

an official who enlists personnel for military service

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Tony Osborne, managing director, said "I decided to take the plunge in 2006 to start my own recruitment agency.
Officials are investigating whether there was collusion between the PoE, who is expected to ensure the safe passage and stay of Indian nationals in other countries, and the recruitment agency owner.
Commercial office and accounts recruitment agency Elite Personnel, established in 1998, presented the award to Janet Wilkinson (centre), of Almondbury, who started her first temporary assignment as a receptionist with the firm in July, 2012.
She visited a recruitment agency and was told that there are no housemaids available for the next three months.
NRL, which now has offices throughout the country and a turnover of more than PS150m, has been singled out in the Best Engineering Recruitment Agency category at the Recruiter Awards for Excellence.
Jenny Haycock, branch manager at thefutureworks, said: "This is a fantastic achievement for a small recruitment agency and recognises the hard work and dedication of thefutureworks team who are proud that both their levels of customer service and adherence to industry standards whilst working in an extremely competitive environment has been recognised.
Speak to a recruitment agency which can point you in the right direction, or learn more at www.
com)-- Vid-CV, a platform which allows job applicants to create videos to complement their CV, has enjoyed great success with their appearance at the National Recruitment Agency Expo.
A similar joint commitment was signed by the PAMA-UAE with its 17 recruitment agency members and the 95 individual foreign placement agencies based in Abu Dhabi.
Register with recruitment agencies: You can increase your chances of finding work by registering with a recruitment agency.
DOHA A SO-CALLED recruitment agency is trying to dupe job-seekers in India by offering drivers' job with the Mowasalat, the lone public transport company in Qatar.
A manager at a recruitment agency in Sharjah, speaking on condition of anonymity,
Hence, 90% of candidates are crud, and 90% of the jobs out there are also crud, and it takes a high quality recruitment agency to sift through this crud.
Using a recruitment agency ensures added flexibility when the company needs it.
Chester-based recruitment agency The Business Connection, which has branches in Liverpool, Crewe, Wrexham and Manchester, said government figures estimated that one-ineight staff could be forced to take time off work, resulting in a huge cost to businesses already facing difficult trading conditions.
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