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memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with iron oxide

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Since the late 1920s, the German chemical firm IG Farben had been developing a plastic tape base coated with a magnetic form of iron oxide, which could substitute for the heavy, expensive steel recording tape used in previous designs.
Linear Recording tape drives have a much less complex mechanical design than their helical scan counterparts.
Unfortunately, nine times out of 10, the reason cassettes get stuck in tape players is because the recording tape itself gets wrapped around the capstan, and it just keeps wrapping, and wrapping, and wrapping.
Metal tapes are positioned as sort of a quality bridge between conventional tape and digital recording tape.
Although the road to plastic magnets, novel coatings for magnetic recording tape and other potential applications is likely to be a long one, the first steps have been taken.
Sony Electronics has been setting new standards in data recording excellence since 1950, when the company marketed the first magnetic recording tape in Japan.
A linear recording tape will pass over an edge that will actually remove the dust before reaching the head.
Digital broadcasting professionals require the most reliable, highest quality recording tape available on the market," said Tom Daly, Director of Marketing, Professional Audio and Video Products, Fuji Photo Film U.
SLR40 and SLR60 are based on the SLR100 second-generation multi-channel scalable linear recording tape drives from Tandberg Data.
People said this of radio when TV became available, of cassette recording tape when CDs and DVDs arrived, but these older technologies are still with us.
The magnetic tape subsidiary has its primary facility in Opelika, Alabama, where it manufactures recording tape for audio, video, and instrumentation markets.
have been producing and selling recording tape heads for the data-storage industry since the late 1950s.
The Santa Maria, California-based operation designs, manufactures and markets magnetic recording tape heads for the digital data storage segment of the computer industry.
A source from Bethlehems education directorate told WAFA an Israeli army force cordoned off Saeed al-Ass school in the village and told the schools administration they were seeking to obtain the schools surveillance cameras recording tapes, which was rejected by the school.
The force confiscated computers and recording tapes from the supermarket.