hyperbaric chamber

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a large chamber in which the oxygen pressure is above normal for the atmosphere

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He was put into the recompression chamber for hyperbaric oxygen therapy - and doctors told him he would have died without the rapid treatment.
During the flight, the man began to suffer pains in his legs and was admitted to the hyperbaric unit where he was put in a recompression chamber.
Luckily, there was a recompression chamber nearby and he was able to rectify the situation - but only after spending seven hours in the 10-foot-diameter chamber.
Using surface decompression, the divers spent anywhere from 38 to 51 minutes in the hyperbaric recompression chamber, breathing 100 percent oxygen to reduce the amount of time needed to off-gas the residual nitrogen left in the body.
His colleagues were flown to a hospital in Merseyside in an RAF Sea King, deployed from RAF Valley in Anglesey, north Wales, where they were being treated in a recompression chamber last night.
In the end, my partner chickened out; we got yanked from the water early and made up for omitted decompression in a recompression chamber.
He says that is too far to travel and is campaigning for a recompression chamber to be re-opened in the North East.
Eighteen divers from the US will be conducting continuation training and demonstrations in underwater welding, thermal cutting, underwater chainsaw and grinding, search techniques utilising underwater sonar, construction and simulated deep diving and recompression chamber drills.
After the diving medical officer examined me, I had to get in the recompression chamber right away.
His friend was rushed to a recompression chamber near Millport, on the isle of Cumbrae, where he was being treated last night.
The EODESU 2 mission is to provide optimized logistics support to EODGRU 2 EOD and Mobile Diving Salvage Unit forces through advanced planning and preparation in financial and supply management; arms, ammunition and explosives; civil engineer support equipment (CESE); small boats and utility craft; TOA inventory; recompression chamber and diving equipment support; tactical communications; facility planning and programming; and limited tent camp support.