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(physics) a combining of charges or transfer of electrons in a gas that results in the neutralization of ions

(genetics) a combining of genes or characters different from what they were in the parents

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Hence, an estimation of the recombination frequency can be made by deducting one half of the total F2 progeny number from the wild-type category and then treating the rest of the data as testcross data.
Abbreviations: GLC, gas-liquid chromatography; NMS, nuclear male sterile/sterility: r, recombination frequency.
Variability for recombination frequency in the AP12 soybean population.
The discussion above of the effect of selecting progeny with high numbers of recombinants differs somewhat from the discussion given in Darvasi and Soller (1995), in that they decreased marker spacing with increases in recombination frequency due to additional rounds of random mating.
The size difference for this genetic interval is primarily due to a difference in recombination frequency between Xfcc1 and Xfcg10, which is 2.
50 54 6 Linkage group Phase ([paragraph]) Cross Lf2 1 C T41 x BV20 4 R T41 x BV20 8 R T41 x BV20 8 R BV20 x T264 11 R T255 x BV12 11 R T255 x BV12 11 R T255 x Clark rj1 11 R T255 x BV12 14 C BV20 x T256 14 C BV20 x T264 Unassigned R BV20 x T256 Unassigned R T255 x BV18 Unassigned C T255 x BV12 Pd2 8 R BV20 x T264 ([dagger]) Indicates that recombination frequency was calculated by product method.
Unless otherwise specified, all results presented below were parameterized with the recombination frequency between the loci r = 0.
The maximum likelihood estimator for recombination frequency is the value of p that would satisfy the equation below.
The simulations considered changes in the recombination frequency between a target gene and flanking markers, one to five target genes, different screened population sizes, and the selection of one or two individuals at each selection generation.
On the basis of the three observed recombinant chromosomes (two of which were confirmed by FISH) among 3563 selfed progeny screened, and with the assumption that all progeny were disomic for the critical chromosomes, the recombination frequency of 4R[L.
This test indicated that of the overall average recombination frequency of 4.
less than 10 cM, most mapping functions have the same behavior in terms of conversion between recombination frequency and genetic distance; however, when genetic length increases, mapping functions show strong divergences.
Taking into account only the recovered recombinant chromosomes, the overall recombination frequency of the 1RS arm in the analyzed population was 0.