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Synonyms for recognizable

Synonyms for recognizable

easily perceived

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capable of being recognized

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Mission, Symbolism, History, Accessibility, Recognizability, Population, and Proximity (MSHARPP).
It is thus, as an image flashing up in the now of its recognizability, that the past .
However, the poem's Edenic motifs and Romantic rhetoric also create a kind of aura, along with instant recognizability.
Additionally, a local brand's built-in recognizability combined with the global marketing strengths and R&D capabilities a company like SCA has to offer can add up to rapid growth in a short period of time.
It is in fact infinitely more difficult to create abstraction than to paint realism, as abstraction or distortion of any kind requires an astute understanding of anatomy and form, so that any warping in the image retains a sense of recognizability.
Joint coordination and promotion of gastronomic events and Istrian products increase the recognizability and quality, while offering to guests a rich, diverse, and unique gastronomic experience.
Modern trends of branding various articles, among which is branding the image of the city, presented by urban skyline, enables us to find our place on global, visual map of the world on the basis of our recognizability and memorability.
com)-- The IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc), the leading non-profit professional organization dedicated to the advancement of global communications, will demonstrate new CAPTCHA techniques for securely downloading keys in RFID devices as well as the latest access control systems for enhancing character recognizability in tablet devices at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show to be held January 10 - 13 in Las Vegas.
The politics of exclusion emerges from territories of recognizability which create boundaries for those who cannot be recognized within prevalent grammars of knowledge, identity and subject formation (Butler 2009).
AT/RT proved to have a strong trend of recognizability and resulted in reasonably accurate diagnoses (Table 1).
regime of recognizability "which makes opinions significant and
People have included unanticipated inflation and signal extraction problems to quantify the importance of monetary uncertainty, while others have introduced private information to study recognizability and the counterfeiting of money or other assets.
An OT may also suggest adding rough surfaces to some keys to heighten recognizability and cut down on mistakes.
Many of the works on display play on the instant recognizability of Cervantes' characters.