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Synonyms for recognizable

Synonyms for recognizable

easily perceived

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capable of being recognized

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to inclusion and exclusion), the conditions of recognizability operate at the level of ontology, by framing the ways of recognition, in this case Palestinians living on the lands into which Israel aims to expand its settlements.
25) Objects offer him the gift of time, the temporality of their withdrawal, which is both the interminable delay of unconcealment and the decisive moment of action for the apprehending artist, who creates new temporal conditions tor the object, a new ground for its recognizability.
178) One issue with this particular solution is that objective criteria may prove to be poor proxies for the recognizability of an instance of sampling.
McKitrick (2003: 163) also argues that recognizability is an extrinsic disposition, providing the example of Bill Clinton.
For many reasons--the straight-up beauty of it all, its austerity and recognizability, no doubt combined with stories of her personal integrity and the formidable influence of her generous, gnomic writings--Martin seems to sit like a Buddha on the side of the good.
The familiarity of broken landmarks and abandoned but ordinary objects strewn across the streets situates the scenario in a world made feasible because of its very recognizability.
Some studies locate this number between 5 and 16 exposures, but much depends on other factors, such as word salience, its recognizability as a cognate, the learners' interests, and the availability of rich informative contexts.
Kierkegaard suggests the inevitability of loving in his essay 'Love's Hidden Life and Its Recognizability by Its Fruits' (Kierkegaard, 1995, 5-16).
Instead, the theory went, the optimum time to feature a subject in order to tread that fine line between recognizability and oversaturation was just after peak: just after that person became famous enough to be immediately recognizable by the general audience (which is to say, the time when people like me start rolling their eyes and saying, "but she is everywhere'').
As Marrone (2003) also pointed out, recognizability does not seem compromised, to some extent, by the possible changes, even if they are in conflict with each other.
Mission, Symbolism, History, Accessibility, Recognizability, Population, and Proximity (MSHARPP).
That is, Beasley and Danesi (2002) argue that product signification systems are effective in creating recognizability and attest to this with a variety of persuasive examples.
Foundation's participation in TopResa 2013 aims to stimulate tourism in Armenia and enhance the country's recognizability in the
I have found no explanation for the ablation of part of the French title, but I do refer you to a brief passage at the beginning of Franza, shall we say, which may render the question moot, inasmuch as the recognizability of language--or a thing--is mutely called into question: "Yet as far as we're concerned the train can travel on, for what is written about it will be spoken, the train will travel on, since it is asserted that it exists.
Can anthropology rediscover the alterity of political cultures, all the more difficult now since that alterity gives the illusion of recognizability through too-easy categories like "bureaucracy" or "policy implementation"?