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British writer (born in Ireland) (1892-1983)

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THE turbulent life of the outspoken writer, feminist and literary icon Dame Rebecca West (1892-1983) is described entertainingly in this new biography by university lecturer Lorna Gibb, although she is perhaps a little too sympathetic towards her subject.
IN 1913, when Rebecca West met Wells, she was a prodigiously talented 21-year-old literary critic.
Then follows a fine article by Rebecca West on anthology formation and the increasing representation of queer and women's literature in the canon.
Pritchett, Huxley, Rebecca West, Orwell, Stephen Spender, A.
Eliot's hands, like those of Stephen Spender, Lord Carlow and Julian Symons, are focal points in their carefully contrived poses, while in the pencil studies of Rebecca West and Lewis's wife, Froanna, and paintings such as Pensive Woman and Naomi Mitchison, they make strong, directional accents.
Women such as Rebecca West and Virginia Woolf are profiled as are the Pankhursts and Margaret Sanger.
Fifty years ago, Rebecca West wrote in The Court and the Castle "The pessimism of Hamlet is indeed extreme.
To its archive credit, The New Republic Online features work by William Faulkner, Vladimir Nabokov, Ernest Hemingway, Rebecca West and a myriad of global writing legends.
In my Bible I keep a quote attributed to Rebecca West that I like: "I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat.
And as the author had an exciting love life, as a believer in free love he had a number of affairs including one with the feminist writer Rebecca West, they'll be some saucy moments, too.
Five centuries later, Rebecca West tartly agreed: "There is no such thing as conversation.
Rebecca West, George Steiner, and Alan Bennett, amongst others, have written about Anthony Blunt and his friend and fellow spy, Guy Burgess, drawn to the potential for metaphorical association and comparison in their lives of double intent.
Rebecca West twigged in 1912 that: "Hatred of domestic work is a natural and admirable result of civilization.
Dinnage discusses almost two dozen notable women, including the painter Gwen John, writers Rebecca West, Isak Dinesen, Katherine Mansfield, Barbara Pym and Olive Schreiner, theosophists Annie Besant and Madame Blavatsky, the opera singer La Strepponi, the reclusive Alice James and more.
THE one thing that Rebecca West was determined to do is to give Alicia a different upbringing to the one she had.