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British writer (born in Ireland) (1892-1983)

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Bernard Schweizer's article on Rebecca West is one of several where there is only a perfunctory mention of Woolf; mostly dedicated to describing West's "heretical humanism," the only sustained comparison is of the two writers' posthumous reputations.
THE turbulent life of the outspoken writer, feminist and literary icon Dame Rebecca West (1892-1983) is described entertainingly in this new biography by university lecturer Lorna Gibb, although she is perhaps a little too sympathetic towards her subject.
Rebecca West Today: Contemporary Critical Approaches.
Montague and Rebecca West used the older, more romantic tradition of landscape reproduction, not as a source of irony or contrast to modernist artistic depictions, but as an "essential recourse," a way to articulate the meaning of what seemed an inexplicable war.
As ONE WHO DISLIKES "psycho-biography" as a genre, I was fully prepared to dislike this dual biography of Rebecca West and Dorothy Thompson.
Writers as distinct from Patterson as Rebecca West have used this narrative approach to excellent effect, but here it feels painfully choreographed.
The most famous case was his tempestuous and at times bitter relationship with Rebecca West, also a writer of great distinction.
But he also had a son to the novelist Rebecca West, 26 years his junior, and a daughter with the writer Amber Reeves.
Drawing on textual examples that include three Virginia Woolf novels as well as Rebecca West and Hannah Arendt's post-World War II reporting, Reichman makes a compelling case for the influence of modernist aesthetics not just on specific developments within the law but on the emergence of a new sociopolitical ethic of responsibility toward the neighbor.
Trauma at Home in the Work of George Eliot, Rebecca West, and Virginia Woolf.
An esteemed novelist, the work of Rebecca West proves to be an intriguing collection, making "The Essential Rebecca West" a collection that simply shouldn't be missed for literary collections.
Volunteer Rebecca West said: "The group provides a place for breastfeeding mums to share experiences and support each other.
Rebecca West said that there was a definite process by which one made people into friends, and it involved talking to them and listening to them for hours at a time.
The Women in German Yearbook, as one of the first journals with a gender perspective, not only facilitated debates between German artists and audiences, as Rebecca West requests, but also took on discussions on cultural phenomena in general.
Pritchett, Huxley, Rebecca West, Orwell, Stephen Spender, A.