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a real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors

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The event was held as part of the "We're More Than Realtors[R]" campaign coordinated by the Long Island Board of Realtors (LIB[R]R) and their Public Relations Committee.
If the first part of the book details the process of manly professionalization, the second half follows the realtor to Washington, demonstrating how the promotion of home ownership became national policy, even as the nation went from boom to bust.
And it has used the immense lobbying power of its trade association to lock in a system of buying and selling homes that centralizes power in the hands of the realtor while hampering the efficiencies inherent in greater consumer choice and technological change.
I do believe that once we are our own city, we will have a stronger voice in creating a better (Los Angeles Unified) school district or a new one of our own,'' said Northridge-based Realtor Alice McCain.
This provides the realtor an opportunity to become somewhat acquainted with clients, rather than merely judging them by their outward appearance.
He was named "REALTOR of the Year" for 2004 for the state of Indiana at the 19th annual Indiana Commercial Board of REALTORS (ICBR) Conference.
In 1988, after nearly a decade as a Realtor, Ralph broke from the Realtors' mandated practices and started advertising as a "buyer's broker.
Laquidara, Institutional Member of the Year; Jamie Jo Umlauft, Realtor Associate of the Year; Sandra Erickson, BMAR President-Elect; Richard Giliotti, Banquet Chairman; Sandra Silverman, Banquet Co-Chairperson; Emilio Conciatori, Realtor of the Year; Virginia M.
Weist Rookie of the Year Award, followed in 1990 by being named the South Metro Denver REALTOR of the Year.
com), the most comprehensive real estate search site for rentals and homes to buy and REALTOR.
She emphasized the distinction of the REALTOR title, which aligns MANAR members with national and state associations.
Soon, agents and brokers will be able to utilize compelling new solutions created specifically for the real estate industry by iPIX and Realtor.
A realtor MLS is one in which participating brokers elect membership in a board of realtors chartered by the National Association of Realtors, subscribe to a Realtor Code of Ethics and agree to be bound by comprehensive rules which are fully enforced and which require mutual cooperation.
The site offers an array of pre-designed templates that a Realtor can choose from and edit.
The Manhattan Association of Realtors will provide automatic data feeds to REALTOR.
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