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a radical terrorist group that broke away in 1997 when the mainstream Provisional IRA proposed a cease-fire

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Doherty, a former paramilitary prisoner and a senior member of the Real IRA, had been stripped and blasted in the head on the Braehead Road.
An insider said: "It's the start of a war between Nidge's gang and the Real IRA.
In a statement, a masked member of the Real IRA told a crowd in a Londonderry cemetery: "Oglaigh na hEireann [the IRA] urge all self-respecting Irishmen and women to resist the upcoming insult that is the visit of a British monarch to Irish soil, the criminal free state government invite is not on behalf of the Irish people but to further the selfish interests of a self-serving elite.
The Real IRA also carried out the Omagh bombing later that month, in 1998, when 29 people died.
It is believed the Real IRA had been testing bombs ahead of the November 24 deadline for parties to reach agreement.
With four men cleared of Real IRA membership due to his decision -and later found not guilty of a plot to murder police and soldiers -Britain's top legal adviser vowed to challenge the ruling.
Representatives of the Real IRA, the INLA, the Basque terror group and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine met on the fringes of the International Symposium on Isolation.
The operation also helped identify the whereabouts of two men involved in a Real IRA terrorist campaign in the same year.
The statement, issued by men inside the Irish Republic's highsecurity Portlaoise jail, said the Real IRA was at an end, and only a few ``corrupt'' members of the Real IRA were ``fraternising with criminal elements''.
So-called ``red lights'' - Real IRA members known to security services - had been identified in London, Birmingham and Manchester Mr Carling said: ``Since the Omagh bombing, in Northern Ireland the Real IRA has no support.
The Real IRA man's family believe MI5 spooks may have played a part in his death, claiming they had repeatedly tried to recruit him.
He is close to veteran criminal Eamon Kelly who survived a Real IRA assassination attempt last year.
The Real IRA bombed Omagh in August 1998, killing 29 people and unborn twins.
The Government immediately pledged to challenge the landmark assessment of the Real IRA.
SINN Fein boss Gerry Adams was said to be furious last night after party activists were caught raising cash for the dissident Real IRA.