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Synonyms for re-start

start an engine again, for example


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take up or begin anew

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We wish and hope for a positive conclusion of the negotiations that will pave the way for Macedonia, with an agreed name, to re-start the interrupted process of European integration and full integration into NATO, said Rama.
The company is said it is pleased to announce the re-start of gasification and the ramp up of MagneGas 2 production.
A successful sawmill re-start is not only good news for the company, our members and the city of Kenora, but also for members of the area's Aboriginal community," said Boon.
Disconnect device from computer after re-start, switch it off again and enter Recovery mode (to do so, switch on phone while pressing Volume Up and Home buttons)
Arbab Alamgir Khan, the contractor SAMBU agreed to re-start the construction work.
As a result of extensive negotiations, CONSOL has now come to terms with its customers and, as a result, will re-start the longwall at Buchanan also.
Taiwan's' Formosa Petrochemical will re-start a residue desulphuriser (RDS) unit that was badly damaged by a 2010 fire, after receiving government approval, its spokesman said.
The re-start took place behind the safety car, which obliged all the drivers to start on the full wet tyres, according to the rules.
When he was asked whether the US special representative is coming to re-start negotiations with Pakistan, he said that he would not re-start the talks but would forward and promote the already continued talks between the two countries.
Getting back underway cleanly at the re-start on lap 16, the Hillspeed driver was able to pull away at the front and at the chequered flag on the very next tour he took the win some 1.
STEELMAKING is to re-start on Teesside with Thai company SSI resurrecting 1,000 jobs in Redcar.
Lap 51: Sixth and final pit visit to re-start 10th, 47secs behind Vettel.
Prudential's new RE-Start program is currently being offered at no charge to licensed Nevada Realtors.
Mauro Vilhete volleyed over from six yards for Barnet who then caught Stockport napping after the re-start when Mark Byrne stooped to head in George Francombe's cross.
On the re-start Kiyonari took charge, winning comfortably to move ahead in the chase for the crown