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Synonyms for remake

creation that is created again or anew


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Fabric magic: Laura Keogh (left) and Lucy Pratt, who run the Re-think it, Re-make it, Re-love it upcycling workshop at the Custard Factory, Digbeth.
The Coalition for Marriage is circulating a petition to ask the Government to abandon its hubristic project to re-make humanity's oldest and most basic institution, and everyone I have approached has been happy to sign it; one person even gave me PS20.
Best track to my way of thinking, though, is James Torm's re-make of his dad's own 1963 hit single, Comin' Home Baby.
It was while filming the re-make of Planet Of The Apes that she met her partner, director Tim Burton, and she has gone on to star in several of his films including Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and Alice In Wonderland.
He was there with co-stars Rooney Mara, Joely Richardson and Christopher Plummer as they launch the re-make of the massively successful Swedish film.
The critics weren't very kind to this re-make, mainly because it doesn't live-up to the atmospheric 1974 original.
The Trainspotting actor was previously tipped to be cast in the re-make which has been given the green light.
But sources say the re-make of ITV '70s favourite Upstairs, Downstairs - currently being shot in Treforest and at Dragon Studios near Bridgend and which makes its BBC1 debut on Boxing Day - could also move to the facility.
The Aussie sounded like he was auditioning for a re-make of The Terminator, as he said: "I'm reminded of that great adage, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 FILM4, 9pm Jean-Francois Richet's re-make of John Carpenter's 1976 cult classic.
He hooked up with Sienna Miller on the set of movie re-make Alfie.
And as the Tyneside troop re-make their promise, they will be joined by scouts all across the world in their own countries.
The whiskey's long gone, but a team of master distillers hopes to re-make history by distilling a special label rum in an 18th century replica still right on the grounds of Mount Vernon .
A re-imagining (it's the word that Hollywood prefers to re-make or rip-off) of Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, it sees Ashton Kutcher as the white boyfriend who meets his lady's family, who happen to be black.
1941: Faye Dunaway, 63, Actress, whose films include the original version of The Thomas Crown Affair with Steve McQueen and the Pierce Brosnan re-make.