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Synonyms for reorganization

the imposition of a new organization

an extensive alteration of the structure of a corporation or government

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To meet the demands of a changing competitive environment, the Lufthansa German Airlines Sales, Product & Marketing division will be fundamentally re-organized from 1 March 2015.
Those who launched this attack met security facilitation to enter this place," he said, adding that such operations will carry on unless the army is re-organized.
Al-Kitaab fii Ta 'allum al-Arabiyya: A Textbook for Beginning Arabic: Part One comes with a DVD-ROM and has been extensively revised and re-organized in a new third edition.
The Popular consultation is a mechanism mandated by the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) to ascertain local views in the two states on the implementation of that agreement and how governance relationship with Khartoum should be re-organized.
Air China re-organized the travel agency's regular, five-day itinerary of Dubai, adding activities and making the journey more efficient.
Streb worked for the city in several capacities since 1982 - mostly recently as director of community development for two years until 2008, and as planning coordinator before that for almost 20 years, until that department was re-organized.
The Minister made it clear that the relations with shipping companies have been re-organized as well as regulations, licenses and procedures required in order to allow such companies to carry out shipping operations, adding that strict arrangements have been imposed by the Public Mail Authority to search export cargo.
Sinpas Group, with its 33-year history in the real estate field, was re-organized in 2006 and currently continues its housing development projects under the Sinpas GYO brand.
PLSPS business has been re-organized into two segments a) Life Science Products and b) Life Science Services.
The long-awaited season opened with Much Ado Nothing and the stage at the Theatre Royal had been re-organized and given the Elizabethan treatment, to be adapted for each of the four plays in the main season.
Since 2007, the government has closed 83 state agricultural enterprises and re-organized 473 work units.
The State Agency for Geology and Mineral Resources at the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic will be re-organized into the State Agency for Geology and Mining Industry at the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Domesticated animals and some of the cereal crops came, but mud brick became wooden architecture, settlements were re-organized.
So both the Ptolemaic and Seleucid heavy infantry were duly re-armed and re-organized along Roman lines.
The sixth edition has been re-organized into thematic sections dealing with the fundamental nature of viruses, their growth in cells, their interactions with the host organism, and their role as agents in human disease.