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Synonyms for disease

a pathological condition of mind or body

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Rachel Ogden from Shepley is helping to raise aware of Raynaud's disease
Dr Christopherson notes: "Sometimes there's an underlying cause for Raynaud's disease that will need to be treated, such as an Raynaud's can sometimes be triggered by holding something cold.
A medical officer and rheumatologist diagnosed Raynaud's disease despite tests coming back as negative.
5) This is illustrated in the pictures which show the change of colour and effect of Raynaud's Disease in the hands.
The Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases at Bath has updated its thermal imaging camera to enable better evaluation of patients who may have Raynaud's disease or chronic pain conditions.
In rheumatology, the toxin can help treat painful blood vessel conditions like Raynaud's disease and scleroderma.
He introduces the fundamentals of biofeedback and its primary modalities (galvanic skin response, temperature, heart rate and variability, hemoencephalography, electromyography, and EEG) and the use of music therapy interventions for achieving self-regulation of physiological response, through techniques such as guided imagery to music, toning, meditation, and improvisation, and how physiological data combined with these techniques can be applied to treating stress, ADHD, addictions, chronic pain, Raynaud's disease, neuromuscular deficiencies, depression, autism, phobias, anxiety, and high blood pressure.
This latter application is borne out by the recommendation to use ginger for Raynaud's disease, which involves poor circulation to the hands and feet and causes excruciating pain when circulation is restored.
Raynaud's Disease, Beta Blockers and Performance Anxiety, Focal Dystonia, TMJ, and a few others).
Blue fingertips: Fingertips that are blue-tinged or feel numb can be a sign of a circulatory disorder known as Raynaud's disease.
At the same time, in case of the symmetric morbid affection of vessels, which is observed during the Raynaud's disease and syndrome, obliterating endarteritis (OE) and obliterating arteriosclerosis (OA) with symmetric gangrene, application of such surgery is either impossible in many cases, or its effect is of short-term nature (Kohan et al.
A few months ago, the Wikipedia pages for Buerger's disease and Raynaud's disease were vandalized by the insertion of some irrelevant words and names.
CASEBOOK: RAYNAUD'S DISEASE This disorder occurs when the circulation in the fingers and toes decreases, suddenly leaving them white or blue and feeling cold.
Louise Watson, 30, was born with the hereditary condition Raynaud's Disease, which affects the circulation and says: "A friend actually bought me one treatment for Christmas last year as I had been complaining about my circulation quite a lot.
Raynaud's disease is a hereditary condition that normally develops in your teens or early 20s.