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Synonyms for raver

a participant in a rave dancing party

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someone who rants and raves

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The insider said licensing problems had led to a "stand-off" between police and ravers that hadn't been addressed for 20 years - as long as the dance scene has been around.
But ravers have adapted, learning to drink lots of fluids, which helps keep their body temperatures down--go to any rave today, and you'll see hundreds of teenagers dancing with bottles of water in one hand.
Based on a total of 750,000 ravers, that's an average of 60 grains a person, which is a considerable 10-20 grams lower than last year's average.
Rave culture is a vast collective womb-space (a pirate mc, stoned and delirious, giggles that they're "in a bubble"), or a kindergarten (hence the vogue for tracks that sample children's TV themes, the trend for ravers to suck pacifiers, or, most sinister, the naming of some brands of E after '70s sweets).
flash mobbing ravers descend on the Bullring before being dispersed.
He said: "I understand it may have attracted several hundred ravers and the venue was well sign posted.
Under the previous licensee, officers investigated complaints of rowdy ravers.
One of his principal patrons was owner-breeder `CV' Whitney, for whom he landed the Spinaway Stakes with Silver True and the T ravers Stakes with Chompion.
The police never came to help, pleading insufficient manpower, so on that last night she took the law into her own hands, blasting not the ravers but their loudspeakers with a shotgun for which she had a permit.
No action was taken against the ravers in spite of numerous complaints from people living around the area.
But singer Brandon Flowers says his band and the contents of its ``Hot Fuss'' debut should have no trouble appealing to both ravers and KROQ-ers, alike.
Farmers in remote parts of the country are being advised by police to cover their fields with fresh manure to deter fashion-conscious ravers stepping foot on their land in designer trainers.
The event also featured a funfair, sideshows and an Ibiza-style beach setting provided ravers 15 hours of entertainment.
The ravers and the congregation had coexisted until last summer, when a nonfatal drug overdose occurred at a dance.
Funds for the annual trip were raised through a series of voluntary events, including a pantomime by The Red Ravers - an amateur dramatics group made up of Stagecoach employees.