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a battle between the French and an alliance of Spaniards and Swiss and Venetians in 1512

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Caption: --Newscom/akg-images/Cameraphoto The mosaic of Theoderic's place, with figures removed, in Sant'Apollinare in Ravenna, Italy
The Lagotto is an ancient Italian breed that began its journey as a water retriever in the marshlands of Ravenna, Italy.
The oldest extant oratory is the Archiepiscopal Chapel in Ravenna, Italy, from about 500AD.
RAVENNA, Italy -- In a step toward unity, the Roman Catholic-Orthodox theological dialogue has agreed that the bishop of Rome holds canonical primacy over the bishops of other ancient sees, Reuters reports.
They said it was in April of 1944 when their unit was ordered to capture a building in Ravenna, Italy.
He is currently the proprietor of an internet services company in Ravenna, Italy.
A successful entrepreneur who returned home to the UK in 1997 after spending 23 years in South Africa running his own software consultancy business, Geoff Thomas's latest venture originated from an interest in ancient art and craft that led him to attend mosaic school in Ravenna, Italy.
In spring 2004, 100 waterclours from the Williamson proved a huge success when they were put on show at an exhibition in Ravenna, Italy.
The application will take place at Socotherm's facilities in Ravenna, Italy and Escobar, Argentina, respectively.
The Sunday Mail tracked down Flt Lt Leitch's only surviving relatives and yesterday his niece, Anne Pemberton, from East Sussex, and nephew, Michael Walsh, from Aberdeen, said farewell at his funeral at the British war cemetery in Ravenna, Italy.
After the recent announcement of a 30,000 mt/year plant for SEBS (hydrogenated styrenic TPE) production, now under construction at its Ravenna, Italy plant, EniChem is making further steps toward the strengthening of its position in the synthetic rubber market.
Before she tackles that kind of project, Lundin plans on taking a trip to Ravenna, Italy, long considered the capital of mosaic.
Alberto Cremonesi of Villa Maria Cecilia Hospital in Cotignola Ravenna, Italy will present 30-day results from the prospective, multicenter "DESERVE study: diffusion weighted - magnetic resonance imaging based evaluation of the effectiveness of endovascular clamping during carotid artery stenting with the Mo.
After ruling world beach soccer for nearly two decades now, Brazil have seen their hold being constantly challenged by a few teams starting with Russia who were the first to defeat the Latin Americans in the final of the 2011 Fifa Beach World Cup held in Ravenna, Italy.
This 2-day racing event will be the Pacific Dragonboat Association Regional Championship and Club Crew World Championships Qualifier to determine who will be representing the United States from this region at the 2014 International Dragonboat Festival Club Crew World Championships in Ravenna, Italy.