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a battle between the French and an alliance of Spaniards and Swiss and Venetians in 1512

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Caption: --Newscom/akg-images/Cameraphoto The mosaic of Theoderic's place, with figures removed, in Sant'Apollinare in Ravenna, Italy
The Lagotto is an ancient Italian breed that began its journey as a water retriever in the marshlands of Ravenna, Italy.
GulfMark Offshore has contracted with Rosetti Marino SpA in Ravenna, Italy to build two 715 square metre deck area platform supply vessels of the UT 755XL design.
Only the three teams to medal will book tickets to this year's Beach Soccer World Cup, which will be held in Ravenna, Italy, in September.
Among the more than one hundred churches, abbeys, monasteries, and chapels mentioned are Lichfield, the only medieval cathedral in England with three full spires; the Basilica of Sant' Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna, Italy, with its mosaic of moving saints symbolizing joy in heaven; and Westminster Abbey and its ornate bronze gates that lead to a large Lady Chapel, which honors the Virgin Mary.
A&A Ciao Italy Tours is including summer seminars in the art of mosaics in Ravenna, Italy, home to some of the most beautiful mosaics in Europe.
The Estonian controversy led to the Russian Orthodox Church's withdrawal from the Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Churches, in protest against the participation of the Estonians in the meeting held in Ravenna, Italy, Oct.
The oldest extant oratory is the Archiepiscopal Chapel in Ravenna, Italy, from about 500AD.
Norwegian fertilisers and chemicals group Yara International ASA (OSE:YAR) said on Monday (1 December) that it has decided to close its NPK fertiliser plants in Kedainiai, Lithuania, and Ravenna, Italy.
RAVENNA, Italy -- In a step toward unity, the Roman Catholic-Orthodox theological dialogue has agreed that the bishop of Rome holds canonical primacy over the bishops of other ancient sees, Reuters reports.
They said it was in April of 1944 when their unit was ordered to capture a building in Ravenna, Italy.
He is currently the proprietor of an internet services company in Ravenna, Italy.
A successful entrepreneur who returned home to the UK in 1997 after spending 23 years in South Africa running his own software consultancy business, Geoff Thomas's latest venture originated from an interest in ancient art and craft that led him to attend mosaic school in Ravenna, Italy.
In spring 2004, 100 waterclours from the Williamson proved a huge success when they were put on show at an exhibition in Ravenna, Italy.
Ravenna, Italy, where exile was sweetened by a comfortable home, helped him imagine an earthly paradise.