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the rate of increase in size per unit time

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All sectors posted strong rates of growth in business activity RICHARD RAMSEY ON THE ECONOMIC RECOVERY
Earlier rates of growth resumed in the 1990s, with a 20 percent increase in population.
This will be combined with faster rates of growth in developing countries.
Moreover, the strong rates of growth in Wales were higher than the averages for the UK private sector economy.
San Diego, Alameda and Riverside were the only counties with populations of more than 1 million to finish in the top 10 in rates of growth, and they were eighth, ninth and 10th.
In quantity terms, the rates of growth of both imports and exports of goods and services slowed markedly from robust rates in 1994, in line with slower economic activity in the United States and abroad.
2 percent, than the prior year's level, a significant accomplishment given rates of growth in school enrollment, population, social service caseload, and prison populations.
After two years of study, the scientists harvested 60 trees this summer in order to examine in detail their relative rates of growth.