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the rate of increase in size per unit time

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Table 6 shows the average annual rates of growth and the shares of employment of detailed industries within health care.
Earlier rates of growth resumed in the 1990s, with a 20 percent increase in population.
San Diego, Alameda and Riverside were the only counties with populations of more than 1 million to finish in the top 10 in rates of growth, and they were eighth, ninth and 10th.
Several of the larger member cities, however, exhibited some signs of fiscal strain in recent years, reflecting pressures associated with extremely rapid rates of growth.
Meanwhile, continuing the trend observed since April, activity in the services economy expanded at a rate above that of the manufacturing sector (although the differential between the implied rates of growth narrowed).
The recent UAW contract should enable Delphi to become more competitive, as it provides for moderately reduced rates of growth in the areas of wages and benefits (including a potential two-tier wage structure), while the number of UAW workers will continue to decline.
The 2002 Inc 500 reveals a surprising resiliency within the entrepreneurial sector, where leading companies are continuing to show dramatic rates of growth despite the recession.
Wireless access to the Internet has the potential to create a new surge of Internet growth, and future applications, which may require IP addresses even for home appliances, may also spur dramatic increases in rates of growth.
To match Amazon's current valuations, the volatility of expected rates of growth of revenues would have to increase by 182%.
Standard and Poor's expects that the maintenance and modest growth, in the range of 2% to 3% per year, of WSL's profitable home service business will be complemented by more aggressive rates of growth in other types of business originated by other means.
Market share of new business displayed good increases in 1996, and recently launched master trust business has achieved strong rates of growth, assisted by the Colonial group's enhanced investment management profile.