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Safety Awards of Commendation: Presented to companies for having the lowest rate of death and away-fromwork cases during the latest reporting year.
In the first year of antiretroviral therapy, women had a lower death rate than men, mostly because of a 70% lower rate of non-AIDS cancer and a 50% lower rate of death from liver disease.
The higher rate of death out of hours was due to "a significant excess risk" - 70 per cent higher - of the baby dying due to lack of oxygen.
Men who exercised the equivalent of nine hours of walking per week had a 53 percent lower rate of death from colorectal cancer, compared to those who exercised the least (equal to one hour or less per week), the study found.
During an average follow-up of 2 years, the rate of death or new heart failure hospitalization was 63% higher in the patients with gout than in those without gout, a statistically significant difference in an analysis that controlled for several demographic and clinical variables including age, gender, comorbidities, and medications.
But Bushwick's rate of death far exceeded that of Murray Hill, at 4.
Treatment was associated with a 30% reduction in the rate of stroke, a 39% reduction in the rate of death from stroke, a 23% reduction in the rate of death from cardiovascular causes, and a 64% reduction in the rate of HF.
According to the American Cancer Society, black men are particularly hard hit, with a 20 percent higher rate of cancers and a 40 percent higher rate of death from all cancers combined compared with white men.
Overall, this group had a much lower rate of death than the general population, mainly because of many fewer deaths from heart disease.
AUSTRALIA -- Researchers have found an association between average levels of blood glucose and rate of death in a hospital's intensive care unit (ICU).
In Brazil, the country that recorded the second-highest rate of death by firearms in a recent UNESCO survey of 54 countries, Rio de Janeiro's arms-buyback campaign is using stars of novelas--hugely popular TV soaps--to disarm the most violent Brazilian state.
In 2003, a 6-month follow-up of ENRICHD participants found that cognitive-behavioral therapy produced better moods in depressed patients but didn't reduce the rate of death from new heart attacks.
The meta-analysis is based on the assumption that the underlying rate of death in all 19 studies is the same," he explains.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The rate of death from sudden infant death syndrome has decreased since the start of the Back to Sleep campaign in 1992, but the decrease has been offset by a rise in other causes of infant death, Dr.