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convert (an image) into pixels

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2) For rasterized data (distributed throughout the area, as dung pats and animals' sightings), geographic coordinates for the sampling points were initially imported from the GPS handset into GS + software (Gamma Design Software, 2000).
Image files are composed of either pixel or vector (geometric) data that are rasterized to pixels in graphic display (such as monitor, print and other devices).
Avoid raster(izing) ads--When ads are rasterized, print quality can decrease and CMYK black can be accidentally created.
As with confocal microscopy, the focal point of the laser must be scanned to obtain a rasterized optical section or three-dimensional image.
For the comparison of the two previously described methods for the variance estimation in situations similar to real applications, we use artificial datasets of digital images, generated with straightforward computer graphics techniques: namely, the fibres are rasterized as curves with a 1-pixel-wide stroke without antialiasing.
Editable text and rasterized artwork files can be checked against multiple imposition ripped files.
Population density was calculated based on 2000 census data joined to census blocks and rasterized at 30 by 30m resolution.
lt;p>Barkah wrote that items such as diagrams are rasterized into a .
28 show the distribution of the modulus of elasticity on the rasterized surface for three cements of different grinding finesses.
The digitized contours from value domain were interpolated to obtained rasterized surface of the topography.
Since current displays are two-dimensional and cannot directly show vector graphics, triangles are projected onto two-dimensional screen space and then transformed or rasterized by the rasterizer into fragments.
Crowding effects due to inadequate spacing are significantly worse for poorly rasterized fonts than for well- rasterized ones.
It was easier to define texture on the original aerial photographs than on the digitized versions, since spatial resolution is lost with magnification of the rasterized version.
1) Precipitation: A latitude-longitude rasterized grid of 30-year-monthly mean rainfall (1930-1960) with a spatial resolution of 30 min (Leemans and Cramer, 1991; Cramer and Leemans, 2001).