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a religious cult based on a belief that Ras Tafari (Haile Selassie) is the Messiah and that Africa (especially Ethiopia) is the Promised Land

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To me, you cannot talk about modern Caribbean society without talking about Rastafarianism and the influence they have had on cultural and historical life.
The author draws parallels between Rastafarianism and feminism as having common ground in terms of resistance against old norms of passive acceptance of gender subordination.
His first book, From Mythology to Reality: Moving Beyond Rastafari (2012), was a critique of Rastafarianism from a Caribbean humanist perspective.
I have been, at different times, a Marxist and a Black nationalist; I have come close to Rastafarianism, and I have tried to reconcile all three of these positions.
Most argue that Caribbean Black Power originated in a long tradition of struggle in the Caribbean for black liberation--from slave revolts and conspiracies, to Pan-Africanism, Marcus Garvey's UNIA, and Rastafarianism in Jamaica.
Taking their name from his, they began calling themselves Rastafarians and their new movement, Rastafarianism.
Indeed, the global popularity of reggae music and the identification of Jamaica with Rastafarianism in the popular consciousness have long tied the country's reputation to top-quality marijuana, a potential competitive advantage for marketers who could attract more tourism revenues in the country's service-dominated economy and achieve more success in the global export market.
Both the Black Power movement spreading across the Atlantic and Rastafarianism gripped minds.
He said: "If what occurred has been misunderstood or interpreted as disparaging Rastafarianism or Rastafari, that is a matter I very much regret and, I wish to make clear, was not my intention.
The 41-year-old musician - who has changed his name from Snoop Dogg and embraced Rastafarianism - is keen to do something "positive" with his life.
The star, who now calls himself Snoop Lion after converting to Rastafarianism, says he is a big fan of the Glasgow giants.
The rapper, who now calls himself Snoop Lion after converting to Rastafarianism, said he's desperate to get a ticket for the glamour Champions' League tie next Tuesday.
The movie centers around the rapper's trip to Jamaica, where he went to record music, but wound up apparently converting to Rastafarianism and changing his stage name to Snoop Lion from Snoop Dogg.
It even has the world's most hip religion, Rastafarianism.